Peaking Behind the Curtain

I remember as a child learning that the cartoons I watched were actually a series of drawings crafted to look like they were moving. I remember learning the voices of my favorite characters belonged to regular people. And I remember my jaw dropping when I learned it took literally years and hundreds of individuals to create my favorite animated feature-length films. Not once had I ever considered that my hour and a half of entertainment came at such a large cost.

Learning the ins and outs of ministry as an adult was a similar revelation. When I went to seminary, I thought, “Pastors have to learn all this?” When I studied for my ordination exams, I thought, “Pastors have to master all this?” When I did my field study and held the hands of cancer patients in the hospital while still trying to find time to write a sermon, draft a liturgy, and spend time with my loved ones, I thought, “Pastors have to do all this?” I imagine we’ve all had similar revelations about the realities of ministry.

Once we learn all that is involved in crafting something from which we benefit and derive joy, it changes our perspective. Taking a peek behind the proverbial curtain not only removes the illusion, but it hopefully helps us to appreciate our favorite productions in a new way. As one of the newer members of the Board of RevGals, I’ve been able to peek behind the curtain and learn the inner workings of this dynamic and necessary ministry. I see the heart and diligence with which Martha, our director, works. Frankly, I also see how her compensation isn’t nearly commensurate with her work. It takes a lot to put forth what this ministry puts forth, and she and the Board have the audacity to imagine we can do even more.

She’s not wrong; we can indeed do more. And the good news is it won’t take much for us to do more if we all commit to doing something, however small or large that “something” may be. As Martha expressed to me when I joined the team, “Many hands make light work.” If we all can commit to just $5 or $10 a month, we will see more women in ministry who, as we have been, will be shored up in their places of need.

This ministry has given us all so much. By comparison, it is asking for so little. Join me today in supporting that which has supported us. Make your contribution today, and may God bless your part in the production!

With Gratitude and Love,
Rev. Denise Anderson
Board Member, RevGalBlogPals, Inc.

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4 thoughts on “Peeking Behind the Curtain

  1. As small as it might be I made a pledge last week – easy to have it come out of my checking account every week.

    Question: how much does PayPal charge us –
    Curious just for our church?

    And I totally think we can do more and I love Martha’s and the rest of the boards passion to help make that happen! Thanks for a job well done! It’s now the rest of our jobs to step up to the challenge of giving, even small
    Amounts add up!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. On a $10 donation, PayPal charges $.59 – someone better with decimals needs to check me on this but I think that is 5.9% We had another service that charged more a few years ago, then switched. PayPal is incredibly easy to use and has good support.
        Some people send checks directly to us – those have no “handling fee.”
        I hope this is helpful. I am happy to answer more if you have other questions: amyphaynie at
        Thank you for your pledge! You rock!


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