Mark 6:30-34 – esp 31b: [Jesus] said to the Apostles, “Come by yourselves to a secluded place and rest for a while.” 

RGBP translation: “Come away to a place set apart where we can rest, recoup, share resources, and support each other.” 

The congregation I serve is beginning to have honest conversations about money and ministry. I won’t say it has been easy or comfortable. Talking about money tends to make church people especially anxious and stressed. And yet, when we gather the courage to share and hear the incredible stories of how our tithes and offerings multiple to enable ministry, people come away with renewed commitment and hearts grateful to be part of what God is doing in and through our gifts. Together we are able to do so much that we could never do on our own.

I am so grateful to have been lifted by the multiplier effect of RevGals. My leadership and preaching has been buoyed by the voices and witness of so many diverse sisters and brothers in Christ. In hard times, I have felt the prayers of this community. Even when I feel like I am preaching way ahead of my own courage, I know that I am not alone. That is priceless comfort and inspiration. For many years, RevGals, on line and in person, has been that steadfast source of support, encouragement, rest and renewal.

Many in this group are clergy who regularly deal with church budgets. We know how to steward resources wisely and well. I choose to support RGBP with a monthly donation through PayPal because I know the multiplier value of gifted and commitment ministry leadership. Our director, Martha Spong wears many vital hats within this organization; pastor to pastors, event’s organizer, web wizard and administrator, back stage manager, visionary, gifted writer and the one who consistently holds this far flung community in heart-felt prayer. As prudent stewards, the Board set monthly donations as the basis for salary and program expansion. At present this is a quarter time position based on regular donations. As we contribute even $5 or $10 each month, may this this year’s stewardship cycle bring the increase to half time that reflects the true demand and impact of this critical position.

Knowing we are not alone can make all the difference for our health and wholeness. I keep going back to the Facebook post Martha started recently about loneliness in ministry that sparked an immediate chain reaction of RevGal meet-ups. We even have one planned for our area! That is the power and impact of this faith community. Please consider making a one time or recurring donation to fund and expand this world wide ministry.

The Rev. Celeste Lasich is the pastor at the First Presbyterian Church in Hays, Kansas, and a long time RevGal.

Celeste reads with Liz's daughter
Celeste shares the wonder of RGBP with fellow RevGal Liz’s daughter

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