Nankin Chuch 2012

It’s a great time of year to curl up on the couch and read some good writing!

Nancy, in her Seeker blog, reflects on the sorts of challenges faced by people who find themselves delaying funeral rites for reasons beyond their control. In her case, the reason was her mother’s decision to donate her body to medical education and research (a plan my father has made as well). While Nancy’s feelings about “closure” and the presence of bodily remains are quite different from my own, she raises issues which many of us will encounter only rarely and which are thus likely to present us, in the midst of already-stressful times, either personally or with congregants, with questions we have never considered.

On a lighter note, several people are responding to National Blog Posting Month prompts. I loved this one, in which A Country Girl Julie gives us a glimpse of a wall that I’d like to have in my own home. (One of those things I never get around to, although I’ve made a good start on my stairs.)

How well do we know our people? Jan’s post in achurchforstarvingartists is a challenging one for me, and I’m guessing I’m not alone. I will confess: as a ¾ time pastor with responsibility for bits and pieces of everything, including all the sermons and most of the worship planning and one building crisis after another, not to mention the whole visioning-and-now-we’re-closing thing, this sort of “everyday” knowledge and interaction often eludes me.   There are lots of great ideas in here for making a better job of pastoral attentiveness.

Michelle of Quantum Theology spent several weeks abroad. Need I say more? She does, of course, and in this post it’s about pilgrimage with the saints, off the beaten path in places most of us are unlikely ever to visit.

Elaine is writing about a different sort of pilgrimage: the inward journey of faith. She’s actually written a lot about the faith journey recently, and I heartily recommend her The Edge Is here series on that topic, mentioned in this post.

And finally, matterofprayer is a new blog to me, and it’s fabulous! Here’s the most recent offering from Chaplain Eliza, but I suggest scrolling back, and back some more.

If all of the above don’t get you through the week, come on over to the RevGals Facebook page and search NaBloPoMo for prompts and postings in response. There’s some great stuff out here!


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The image is from the first church I served, and is one of my favorite late autumn photos.

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