The governors may not be able to actually deny settlement of refugees, but like schoolyard bullies they are setting an inhospitable tone for their flunkies and lackeys. Like Boss Hogg or Regina from Mean Girls, only with lethal, real life effects.

Refugees need community. Communities are greatly enriched by refugees.Y’all are just short-sighted and unpleasant.

And someday you may well be running for your life. Closing yourself off to the world won’t protect you from that, no matter how many people of color you use as a buffer.

And if you think that so-called “fake refugee ISIS plants” are in any less need of love and hospitality, you have not been paying attention to what has caused this crisis in the first place.

Dangerously naive, I may very well be. None of y’all with your tanks and guns and tear gas have got anywhere with our own desperate communities. Try feeding someone dinner.

We follow a God who takes terrible risks and asks us to jump off the cliff after all for love of people who don’t deserve it.

There was absolutely NOTHING safe about Jesus, from birth to death. He endangered his mother, his father, the entire town of Bethlehem, all those who took him in from Bethlehem to Egypt. He disappeared on his parents. He pushed hard against societal norms and boundaries–even SCRIPTURE.

And then he died, executed by the state, in a manner preferred for political dissidents, staked up there on the cross next to a couple of thieves.

In front of his MOTHER, breaking her heart for the last time.

Who is this God you follow who says shut the door?

Lastly, if I only welcomed trustworthy souls, none of ya would be at my dinner table. Churches are full of thieves, liars, sex offenders, adulterers, cheaters, murderers, embezzlers. YOU THINK YOU DESERVE MY MAC N CHEESE? Cuz I assure you, ma’am, sir, I’m not THAT naive.


Katie Mulligan

Thanks to the Rev. Katie Mulligan for this guest post, adapted from thoughts earlier expressed elsewhere on social media. Katie is a youth and young adult pastor for three churches in and around Trenton, NJ (Ewing, Lawrence Road, and Covenant Presbyterian Churches), and a chaplain at Rider University.

Her writing on lgbtq concerns, intimate violence, and theology can be found at Inside Outed. Follow her on Twitter @grammercie. Katie is among the contributors to the RevGals’ book, There’s a Woman in the Pulpit (SkyLight Paths).

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