Photo by author (temple in Leshan, China)

This week’s Wednesday Festival comes in the wake of continued terrorist activity in the world.  Around the rings RevGals and Pals are writing both about how we make sense of violence of our world and how we respond – both to the violence and to the fear that is triggered by that violence.

Joanna wonders how many candles to light in worship, and how long a worship service would have to be to light enough candles for all the places in the world that are hurting.  “But here is what grace means for me right now: One candle is enough . . . or four . . . or sixty. Any prayer will do—art, music, words, groans, silence. Even one step will get us to a new place, eventually”.

Amy declares that Love will have the final word.  “This is an important time to embrace with all the courage we can muster, the conviction that the kingdom of God is coming to be right here and now.  We can be part of that emergence by rejecting terror—on a large scale and on an individual scale—and living in radical and life-giving relationship with each other: in our families, in our communities of faith, in our neighborhoods, anywhere we have power to enact life-giving relationship”.

Jan offers a blessing in a time of violence. “Which is to say there is no day this blessing ceases to whisper into the ear of the dying, the despairing, the terrified. Which is to say there is no moment this blessing refuses to sing itself into the heart of the hated and the hateful, the victim and the victimizer, with every last ounce of hope it has”.  

Here on the RevGals blog, in our regular Monday “The Pastoral is Political” column, you’ll find Katie writing about refugees and an economy of grace.  “We follow a God who takes terrible risks and asks us to jump off the cliff after all for love of people who don’t deserve it”.

And even in the midst of violence and fear and death and weariness God is holding out to us the promise of new life.  Rosalind shares a story of hospital ministry and the gift of new life in her blogpost “Lullaby for the end of the world”.

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