In this week of the world spinning off into melt down; and fear and mistrust being the dominant emotions, let us create a wee pool of loveliness….
On Tuesday on the Facebook page a thread of fluffy kittens and heartwarming YouTube clips was started to bring a little light into the darkness, this has brought laughter and feel good goose bumps to many.

On Wednesday this week, many Scottish Gals gathered in Edinburgh for a festive lunch and a time to catch up. We were celebrating a new call and a new job and an imminent wedding amongst other things, and it was a lovely, fun, noisy time!

RevGals in Edinburgh!

For Friday Five this week, let’s keep the light, love and laughter going with a random selection of things to make your heart sing:

  1. Music: a song or orchestral piece that stirs your soul
  2. Indoor Place: have you got an oasis at home that you can hide away in?
  3. Outdoor Space: is it water, hills, woodland? Is it the fresh country air or the bustling city?
  4. Picture: this may be a piece of art, something you created, something someone gave you…
  5. Person: do you have a go to person, for when the world is crowding in?

Play in the comments, or on your own blog. If you do the latter, be sure to post a link so we can read it!

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28 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. Friday Five: 1) Iona’s Chi Rho 2). An old rocking recliner in the corner of my office complete with old quilt from my great grandma 3) a walking trail close to my house with a stream and big trees that arch over the path. 4) The art work my daughter brings home at the end of the year from art class, several are framed on my wall. 5) my mom and dad, I am blessed that they are still around for me to continue to go to.

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  2. friday morning play devotions:
    1. Music– Right now, it is “By Thy Grace” sung by Snatum Kaur
    2. Indoor space– in cozy chair, wrapped in prayer shawl, listening to small tabletop water fountain.
    3. Outside– walking the sidewalks in our neighborhood
    4. Picture– either a photo (rather large) of a stained glass window that my husband photographed, enlarged, had had framed–or– a rainbow maker on my window that turns when the sun hits the mechanism a certain way at a certain time of day (usually morning) which casts rainbows all around the room
    5. Spiritual Director and/or friends who share their struggles, joys, laughter, and moments of awe in their own particular ways.

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    1. Gosh Laura!
      What a full list – I had never heard of Mary wife of Cleopas as the mystery third person on the road to Emmaus – but it totally makes sense!
      bless you for your play today!

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      1. Although blogger formats everything for tablets and devices in an almost fully responsive way, that sometimes happens. I think you’ll like all my pictures A Whole Lot! In fact, I may add a few more later today when I have a few more minutes.

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  3. 1) Music that stirs my soul: A Sacred Place by Rufino Zaragoza
    2) Indoor place: My quilt room. So much peace and creativity there.
    3) Outdoor place: The woods either in the flat lands or in the mountains.
    4) Picture: Any type of nature picture that has a path or a bridge leading into the horizon. I like to imagine myself talking a walk down the path.
    5) Go to person: Husband or 2 best friends depending on how the world is crashing in.

    Great Friday five. Had to really think about the music one because so much music stirs my soul. Music is also the first medium in which I heard God so it was hard to pick on piece.

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    1. Thanks for playing!
      As I was setting them, the music was the one I still don’t have an answer for! So much depends on my mood, and what else is happening


  4. 1. Debussy’s Clair de Lune. And as I told my children on many occasions, “It will do you no good to argue with me.”
    2. There is a small hollow in the mattress on my side of the bed from which I wallow around in quilts, cuddle with animals, drink sweet tea, read voraciously for one month and then nothing for another, pray, feel sorry for myself, and watch guilty-pleasure movies with aliens and large, sharp teeth in them.
    3. Mostly the woods near water that makes a gentle noise.
    4. Many years ago, my daughter painted a fourth-grader’s version of The Ant and the Grasshopper with fingerpaint. Until Hurricane Katrina, that was my favorite. Of course, now, there’s grandbaby Emi. I have lots of those pictures. All beautiful. “It will do you no good … ”
    5. The author of the chapter “Come Down and Help, Please” from There’s a Woman in the Pulpit — Rev. Sally-Lodge Teel. A life and soul saver in so many ways.

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    1. Thank you!
      Wouldn’t dream of arguing with you! 😉
      I love seeing all the different things, places and people that we have as our own… And Sally-Lodge is a beautiful beautiful person!


    1. Kelly, thanks for your play… It’s Saturday morning now in my time zone! I woke to five more plays!

      I love the description of the photos of you and your little man.
      Look forward to being back on the water with you in 65 days!

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