100_3881In this season of waiting, preparation, awe and mystery, light in the darkness, we can all use a few new friends for the journey.

First, a move: Longtime RevGal Karla has moved to a new blog called do. love. walk. Go check out her new internet home!

Today we welcome Kelly, at “The Fourth Commandment”Kelly is a UCC pastor, a wife and mother, and says “a few of my favorite things are coffee, NPR, Scrabble, good conversations over good food, reading, movies, theater, spending time outside in the warm weather, traveling to new places, and anyone or anything that makes me laugh…”

We also say hello to Kathy at kalliopekathryne. Lately she has been blogging through the journey of waiting for a kidney transplant. Be sure to stop by and offer some support in these long waiting days!


Here at the end of the calendar year and the beginning of the liturgical year, I invite you to consider blogging, or re-beginning blogging, as a practice for yourself. Whether serious or silly, personal or professional, blogging is a great way to just get some writing out there without necessarily reaching for perfection every time. And the community of bloggers is great fun! bonus: after three months, you too could be introduced in a meet-n-greet like this one!


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