going gets tough
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I confess that I’m about at my wit’s end.  Between violence at home and abroad (whether between ideologies or persons), the political screech that continues to dilute any notion of sensibility, and the personal vulnerability I’m experiencing as my mother’s life becomes reduced to a single room, I’m in need of some effective distraction.  How about you?

For today’s Friday Five, please share with us five ways/things that serve as pleasant distractions when the going gets tough.

Be sure to include a link to your blog if you play there, so that we can stop by and say hello and share some Advent love.


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10 thoughts on “Friday Five: Distractions

  1. Friday Play Devotions: Distractions, Distractions, Distractions…
    1. Dreaming– One night recently, I dreamt of queen size loft bed with book shelves, ladder,and benches– seriously– they make these neat loft beds that have a table underneath– for adults, not kids. They are designed to help make small spaces multi-purpose. It exists. It is custom made and would create extra space for us in a small apartment. I researched the company and started measurements, and dreamt where it could be placed and who I might enlist to put the thing together. But, alas, the thing costs $1000. Still, it is WICKED cool and would be a great addition to the Treehouse. Sometimes I dream about a future home (I rent). Sometime I dream about decorating. Active waking dreams. And sometimes I just try to find whimsical ways to make our little home special and magical for the boys.

    2. Reading– I love picking a book and sticking with it to the end to see what I can learn.

    3. Reading Magazines– I read mags then cut them up for images for collage. It is so relaxing and fun.

    4. Coloring– I color when I listen to sermons: I color when I am annoyed; I color so that I can bring color to my world and the world of others.

    5. Ironing– it gives me a sense of control, completion, and makes me feel rich. I once read an article about a man from India who had two changes of clothes which he meticuously ironed everyday for his work. I admire him for taking pride in his care for his clothing. We are so rich to have many more changes of clothing.


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