I’ve been thinking a lot about grace these days, grace in its multiplicity of meanings. I even renamed my blog ~ these days, it’s called Fragments of Grace. So I went looking for grace-filled posts for this Advent 2-3 Wednesday Festival. Blog titles and blog prose did not co-operate with my quest in a literal sort of way, but I still found plenty of grace:

Here is Milton in Don’t Eat Alone writing about “finding the grace” and quoting Chinua Achebe, who says that “[i]f you’re rooted to a spot, you miss a lot of the grace.”

And here’s Diane, writing in Faith and Community, about “a culture of grace” in a church of the same name.

And here is Jan, who doesn’t use the word itself, but means it, I think, when she writes about “stuff church offers that the world needs” in achurchforstarvingartists.

And Beth doesn’t use the word either, but she does in fact write about the grace of caregiving, which is probably not entirely what one might expect.

And here, finally, are photos! And writing by jo(e), about the grace of hiking and of Zion in November.

Where are you finding grace these days?  Please post a link if you’d like to share a new post!

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