Here is my confession: in the midst of having sermons to write, liturgies to craft, visits to do, choirs with which to practice, and naps to snatch… I somehow managed to have everything (ALL. THE. THINGS.) for which I have been on hold at the library come in all at once. Yes, less than 10 days before Christmas, I have 20 books checked out of the library.

Because I am crazy.

And I know that you know that I will not read 5 books between now and Christmas Day. It can’t happen. The laws of time and space won’t allow it.

Thus, I must be judicious in my reading. Now is the time for the pleasure read, the escape moment, the little sliver of a chapter before you pass out cold (I hope) or stare at the ceiling and pray for sleep (I hope not).

The following are a few holiday themed books I’d recommend- to give your brain a break and your typing fingers a chance to do something else. Not all of these books are for everyone, so be circumspect. If it doesn’t sound like your thing, let it go.

There’ll be a second book review this month (12/31) and I’ll give you more serious material for your spiritual and religious needs in 2016.


Unholy Night (Grahame-Smith) This book follows Balthazar. This isn’t your child’s bathrobe-clad Wise Man. Not sparing on the “realistic” details, Balthazar is a Robin Hood-type who gets caught up with the Holy Family. This story has light moments, but it’s not necessarily funny. It is, however, very thought-provoking, as the Balthazar can’t stop thinking about that baby.

The Stupidest Angel (Moore) So you like the concept of above, but you really need it to be lighter… look no further than this book by the author of Lamb. (What’s that? You haven’t read Lamb. Well, finish that Christmas sermon because you’ve got reading to do!) Moore’s typical hilarious writing of characters and situations keeps this story rolling right along. Perfect for an afternoon of mind-clearing fun.

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever (Robinson) You like the idea of an afternoon, but you don’t have that much time? Okay, this will not take you anymore than 90 minutes. If you haven’t read it before, it’s heart-warming. If you have, it’s nice to revisit. It’s worth considering, as well, how the Herdmans would be received in the congregations we serve. So, maybe this isn’t quite as relaxing as one might hope… No, it’s as good once as it ever was.

Lighting the Flames: A Hanukkah Story (Wendell) Some people like a little “happily ever after” in their light reading. This is a story of what it means to love someone and to know them well. Yes, this is a romance, but it’s not erotic. It’s sweet and kind and warm. It encompasses the mix of emotions people can feel at the holidays and in relationships.


What’s your escape in this season? What do you take a few moments to enjoy? Please start a conversation in the comments below. Remember, though, my library dance card is FULL!




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