My new companion, keeping out of the way!

Making a list, checking it twice!
I live by lists. And at this time of year in particular I can’t live without them!

I have yet to make a food list.
Or a present list. Or a card list….
Or my end of year expenses list!
Do you see a theme developing?!
I have a list of the lists I want to make…



My desk…. really not a clean workspace!!


So, in no particular order. Seasonal, serious or silly.
What are your top five lists?!

Play in the comments, or on your own blog. If you do the latter, be sure to post a link so we can read it!

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16 thoughts on “Friday Five – Festive Fun!

  1. 1. Grocery lists to stop the add on buying – which NEVER seems to happen! 2. Lists of what I will buy others for Christmas and a list of where I have them stored when the time comes. 3. A list to buy supplies at Office Depot – including bulk amounts of Post-It notes for all my lists! 4. A list to help me remember where I have put said lists on things 1,2 and 3 above and lastly, 5. A list to stop making lists!!!! Merry Christmas Rev Gals!

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  2. Friday Play Devotions
    1. Daily Gratitude List
    2. List of sitters and dates of their help (so I can budget)
    3. List of activities to expand my horizons and friendship circles
    4. To-do list, includes problem solving
    5. To-don’t list (the things that I have done and don’t want to do)
    6. Good habit list (to replace bad habits; along the lines of Franklin
    7. Thank you list (on-going– I try to find someone to thank each week by mail)

    Lists that have been retired for 2015 year:
    1. Grocery list (I just went to store this am)
    2. Card list (finished with this)
    3. Gift list

    Yes– I am definitely a list maker.

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  3. 1. List of different ways to incorporate Star Wars memes into all aspects of conversation up to Christmas Eve services. But not in the sermon. No. Not there. It doesn’t matter how many screamingly obvious similarities one might see between The Force and . . . nope. Leave geekitude out of the pulpit. Just no.
    2. List of ways to avoid exhibiting OCD/geekitude/OCD behaviors in public during late Advent.
    3. Ditch above list and make another one just like it.
    4. List of people I love that I will try to remember to send Christmas cards to next year!
    5. List of how to stretch the $27 left over after Christmas Day through the madhouse “What kind of cereal do you want for your first 2016 meal? at 12:01 a.m., January 1” event.

    May Cap’n Crunch be with you!

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  4. I’m fixing to start a new planner–I’m going to try out the new Sacred Ordinary Days planner–and it has a place at the beginning to think about the year from a variety of perspectives: Spirit, Body, Mind, Relationships, Home, and Work. So I guess that’s one. I’m not great at planners and to-do lists, but this one looks promising.

    My menu/grocery list is sometimes very meticulously prepared, but more often I show up at the grocery store and think, well, that looks good. This is probably something I need to get a handle on, because we really need to think about spending less in the new year.

    The other list I consult frequently is the Narrative Lectionary schedule. I don’t necessarily follow it slavishly (noticing a pattern here?), but I have it handy all the time.

    If I have a lot of stuff I need to get done and I need to stay focused, I will make a list. More often, I don’t. I have a tendency to create lists as a way of procrastinating the actual work that needs to be done.

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