100_3523Happy New Year! Happy Orthodox Christmas! Happy Epiphany + 1!


We may have opened all the gifts that come wrapped in paper under a tree or in a shoe or stocking…we may have eaten all the goodies and told ourselves we’ll have salad today…but none of that stops us from opening these amazing gifts of goodness in the form of new friends in the blog-ring! This month we welcome two Baptists, which may be a first (all the new members from one denomination!). Spend a few minutes today giving yourself a gift–go say hello and read some beauty from:


Erin “is a teacher, a Baptist minister, a writer, a Mom, a wife, and a beloved daughter. She is and forever will be the boss of her (adult) baby sister and brother. She has been a classroom teacher in rural NC, urban Dallas, and suburban Atlanta. Erin is a daydreamer disguised as a detailed organizer. She is the mom to a busy toddler and wife to the best husband in the world who happens to be a pastor. When she wears her pastor’s wife “hat,” it looks a little different than most.
Like her husband, Erin is also a preacher. She does not sit in the same pew from one Sunday to the next, but has been known to bring all manner of folks into the pew beside her. She is a strong believer that a little dancing in the kitchen can make the world a better place, so Beyonce and Michael Jackson, among others, are regulars in her home. She has very little interest in sports, gossip, reality television, or mean people, but loves to talk about big picture, God-winks-in-the-world kind of stuff.”

Joy is “a hospital chaplain, wife and mother. My ordination is through the American Baptist Churches USA and I hold my chaplain certification through The Association of Professional Chaplains. I am also a published writer, mostly in the area of perinatal grief.” She has been writing about being fully present to her life, and it is a lovely reflection. There’s poetry, pictures, and spiritual practices alongside the “usual” blog reflections.

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