IMG_2736 (2)Recently, I was watching the movie Wish I Was Here.  As the main character – a dad in his thirties – was facing a bit of a life crisis, he took his children to one of his happy places.  This location was one that led him to an epiphany.  His son asks him “what is an epiphany?”  The father claims “an epiphany is when you realize something you really needed to realize.  In life you can get kind of stuck and you should have changed chapters by now but you can’t.”

Sometimes, we find ourselves spiritually stuck.  Maybe we feel uninspired as we write a reflection or blog post.  Maybe we can’t figure out a new idea for a fundraiser, fellowship event or faith formation activity.

Just as we celebrated Epiphany this week, what are five ways you try to bring about an epiphany in your life when you feel stuck?  Would you take a weekend trip and where would you travel?  Who is a friend you may call?  Is there a certain book you read?  List the five ways below.


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3 thoughts on “Friday Five: Needing an Epiphany

  1. 1. I visit the Rocky Mountains where God’s presence always seems imminent. 2. If I am really in a dark place (and finances allow) I go to The Franciscan Renewal Center in Scottsdale; a truly holy place. 3. I flip through my journal to remind myself of past epiphanies; I so easily forget them it seems. 4. I go to my pencil crayons or pastels and colour and pray. 5. I attend Eucharist.


  2. Friday Play Devotions:
    1. I cut out images from mags and perhaps try to make a collage.
    2. Journal or write a letter.
    3. Deactivate FB and restrict computer access.
    4. Meet with a friend if feasible.
    5. go for a walk and pray while I walk. Try to notice things. Stay grounded.


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