GOSH!! Time.

What is it like for you?
I hope I’m not the only one who is constantly surprised by the relentless marching on…

Earlier this week when I put my mind to what I might ask you to play with this week I had made myself a wee creativity list… all the things I do to get my creative juices flowing…

Then today, one of my all-time ever screen heroes died. RIP Alan Rickman – from the ghostly Jamie, to the deliciously wicked sheriff of Nottingham of my teens and twenties, to Hans Gruber, Severus Snape… and, and… oh the list goes on….

So I offer you a choice!

Your five guests at your dream dinner party/ house party / holiday …
Mine  are:-

Alan Rickman; Emma Thompson; Barak Obama; Dawn French; Rod Stewart


Or the original list I came up with. when you get creative, what are five things you do?

Mine are

Sewing – clothes, patchwork, stoles…
Writing – blogs, poetry, reflective stuff
Colouring / drawing – books, pens, blank sheets all ready to go
Photos – scenery, people, animals…
Arranging stuff! Putting together, stones, glass, ornaments, candles… things that look good…


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5 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. 1. My friend Lene from Denmark who I’ve not seen in over three decades.
    2. MLK Jr.
    3. Oskar Romero
    4. Mary Lincoln
    5. Ellen DeGeneres
    Here’s why: Lene and Mrs. Lincoln would hit it off right away as would Rev. King and Father Romero. Ellen and I could listen in on their conversations and add our own little side commentary–cuz we’re funny like that.


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