Eternal Openness-

We are in a season in which our readings, our hymns, our liturgies point to your signs, your work, your presence, your physical being…

We pore over these texts as though revelation will leap out from the microscopic spaces between black ink dots, which blend to form letters.

We keep our heads down, in semblance of what we believe to be a holy and humble posture.

Our eyes are fixed, but unseeing.

We miss your manifestation in the bodies around us.

We miss your signs in the words of our neighbors and those of strangers.

We don’t taste the water becoming wine in our mouths.

We don’t see the epiphanic beauty of creation- including its multitude of races.


Transform us. Transform us. Transform us.

In worship, work, and word….


In our flesh, we long to see your goodness and to carry it to the world.








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