RevGals REVive Iona

Program – “Power and Place in Women’s Stories” uses the gospel accounts of the woman who anoints Jesus as a lens on our own stories. How do we place ourselves? What impact does our storytelling have on our power, whether actual or perceived? Ample time for writing and reflection will be allowed along with gatherings of the group for learning and “galship,” our re-gendered word for the feeling of Christian community we experience whenever and wherever RevGals gather.

St. Martin’s Cross (photo by Teri Peterson)

Our group will have all of Bishop’s House on Iona, where we will worship daily and have our meals together. Plan to arrive on Friday afternoon. Sunday will be a true Sabbath, and Tuesday will be left free to allow our participants to join Abbey-led pilgrimages if they wish. We will have our closing session Tuesday evening and depart after breakfast on Wednesday.

Martha BWIPresenter – The Reverend Martha K. Spong is a United Church of Christ pastor and the Executive Director of RevGalBlogPals. She will be a keynoter at the inaugural UCC Clergywomen Leadership Conference in 2016. Martha is a contributor to and editor of an anthology of essays and prayers by RevGal bloggers, There’s a Woman in the Pulpit: Christian Clergywomen Share Their Hard Days, Holy Moments and the Healing Power of Humor (SkyLight Paths Publishing, 2015).

309 the sound of Iona.JPG
Looking toward Mull (photo by Teri Peterso

Particulars – We will have a mixture of shared and single accommodations. There is some handicapped access. Registration is limited to 20 due to space restrictions.

£400 ($600)* per person includes all meals. Should a participant withdraw, any payments previously made will be refundable only if the spot is filled.

Payment due dates:

£65 /$100 – January 31, 2016

£200 /$300 dollars – May 15, 2016

£135 /$200 dollars – November 15, 2016

*A proposal to be considered for Church of Scotland Study Leave is underway.

Register by making the first payment at Eventbrite via this link

Questions? Send an email to:

422 the abbey.JPG
The Abbey (photo by Teri Peterson)

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