190656_502269897188_4601_nAnimals are on my mind this week. Pictured are two cats we adopted together in 1990: Leather (left) and Lace. Leather was the stealthy hunter and Lace was the demanding princess. They stayed with us for 15 years. On Easter 2005 we came home to find Lace in rigor with her paw on the chair looking like she had been trying to jump up. Leather passed a few months later.

My wife Mary and I have had a lot of animals live with us over the years, and we like to see them in the wild as well. I’m betting a lot of you like animals too.

So my challenge for us this week is to write about animals.

  1. Tell us about an animal you know: perhaps one of your pets, or the pet of a friend or family member, or the cat that hangs around the church.
  2. What’s your favorite real animal? Walking stick bug? Penguin? T-Rex? Echidna?
  3. What’s your favorite fantasy/mythological animal? Unicorns? Hippogryphs?
  4. What’s your favorite fictional animal – Scooby Doo? Garfield the Cat? Grape Ape?
  5. What animal best represents who you are today, and why? Is it an animal that exhibits fierceness? Or one that’s loyal?

Play along in the comments, or write something on your blog and post the link here!

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10 thoughts on “Friday Five: Animal Edition

  1. Let me tell you about my dog Tex. Ooops. Got to go. Got to walk him and his sister Faith. Then off to an English Paper Piecing class 60 miles up the road in Santa Fe. Will post “My Dog Tex” on my blog (revall.wordpress.com) when I return.

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  2. ooooh animals!!!!!

    1. It would take too much time to tell you all about the animals in my life,because there are many. However, I will give a shout-out to Texas the Wonderdog, my colleagues dachshund rescue is the drollest, funniest, serious little old man ever. Plus he has like nine lives.

    2. My favorite animal? Sloths, of course. They are just cool and chill, and remind me to slow down. Tied with the manatee, which are the most peaceful of animals. I also adore otters.

    3. My favorite fantasy animal. Hmmm. The Phoenix. Rising from the ashes and all that. It’s mythical, right?

    4. My favorite fictional animal is absolutely hands down Tigger. Because, well, bouncing and joy.

    5. The animal that best represents me in this moment is a dog that can’t keep its eyes open and just wants to take a nap. It’s that kind of day!

    Thanks, Cindi, for a FUN play!

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    1. I love any animal known as “The Wonder_______”!

      Sloths! That’s one I wouldn’t have thought up! How many toes do you prefer?

      Phoenix seems popular so far – could be a resurrection theme or the sort of experiences a lot of us have in ministry.

      My step daughter is a big Tigger fan. And he’s fun to the fifth power.

      I hope you get the catdognap you need!

      Thanks for playing!


      1. Aww. I also like Underdog, too!
        As long as there are enough toenails to hang on to a tree, I am good with all kinds of toes on sloths.
        Also, I admit to only knowing 2 other fantasy animals, and you already named them. 😉


  3. I’d been dogless for a few years, losing my beloved Sophie as I was entering a new call. Then came Lewis, a four-month old mini-Aussie who needed a home. In less than 24 hours, this is all I could come up with, praying I’d be successful in his learning. And mine. Psalm 23 for Lewis

    The new dog Lewis is my mini-Aussie shepherd, I shall not want much sleep the first night.

    He leads me on his morning constitutional by walking behind me and herding, which he does really well.

    He restores my faith in the mystery of shadows and noises to which I’ve grown accustomed. I’m sure he’ll have me trained in no time.

    Yea, though they are only shadows, I will freeze in case there really is something hiding in them.

    I’m not sure what evil is, but Lewis looks like it might be me, at the other end of his leash.

    I won’t complain (much) when we come back in from our first 30-minute morning walk and he pees on the kitchen floor, for it was—after all—the floor and not the carpet.

    With his new bed and new food dish and cute toys, I will try to remember that he is probably missing his country ranch, his canine buddies and straw-filled kennel.

    I will let him eat when he is good and ready.

    The cat I will not put on my right side when the dog is on my left, thereby preserving some peace while I try to finish my sermon.

    I will learn NOW to type with one hand at a time so I can pet one cat or one dog when they demand my love and affection, like NOW.

    Someday I might rename Lewis “Surely Goodness” but for now, we should have called him “Mercy” and will commit to praying he learns new life skills quickly. Most likely I will love him forever.


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  4. 1) We had to put our 13 yr old dog down Christmas day (2015). My husband and I are still reeling from this. The house is so still. The full weight of empty nest has really hit since he’s been gone. This is not my first pet or dog to put down. That said I don’t remember being affected this deeply. I miss him so much I had to change where I walk because we walked together for so many years.

    2) Horses are my favorite real animal. I am a third generation horse lover. When my father was alive he took every opportunity to take my daughter riding and he created a fourth generation horse lover. My daughter says that my dad appears to her as a horse in her dreams.

    3) Unicorn, back to the horse thing ^.

    4) Dino from the Flintstones is my favorite. Love that animal.

    5) So I would say that I try to be as loving as a dog but as sturdy as a horse.


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