There was a common them of different sorts of passages this week: some are new and exciting, some are cyclical, some are still being pondered. These reflections on the RevGalBlogPal ring are just a sampling of the excellent writing. Please go explore and find some new friends in the ring!

“These stories seem inconsequential…That is, until we realize the interconnectedness of it all. Until we recognize that even over-eating squirrels and summer flies in the winter are all part of the same system” Monique at The Community

“I feel as if I should feel something or do something but I can never figure out what that is. I have tried time and time again for twenty-nine years. Still, the guilt hangs out mixed up with this sense of wonder that everything feels thin.” Elsa Anders Peters

“One of the traditions of Candlemas, likely a holdover from ancient pagan celebrations of the day that falls midway between the winter solstice and the spring equinox, is sweeping one’s house clean.” Laurie at Dirty, Sexy, Ministry

“This means that the perpetrator, still a child of God, left Lutheran Church of Hope covered in our still ringing “Hosannas” (God save us!) and the reminder that we are all dust and to dust we shall return.” Julia at Faith, Grace, and Hope

“Taking care of ourselves is part of life’s calling. Women – especially – are not good at this.  We rarely have people “turn down our beds” or replace our towels twice a day.  The average woman on this planet does not have someone to cook and clean for her.  If you know a woman who has cooked and cleaned for you on a regular basis, send her on a cruise.  You can go with her if she doesn’t have to clean up after you in your State Room.” Jan at A Church for Starving Artists

“Now, though, it seems that God has some work for me to do telling the stories of other people who have chronic illnesses, and how illness is and isn’t acknowledged in our faith communities.” Martha Spong

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