my dinner table, full of RevGal friends from around the world, the last night of BE9

Last week I was at the Big Event with 48 of my closest friends…most of whom I met through this amazing blog network. Some are people I met for the first time when I went on BE3, though it felt like I knew them because we’d been reading each others’ blogs for years. (that’s why we’re RevGalBLOGPals…because originally, we were 99% bloggers, though not all Revs and not all Gals!) Some are people I met for the first time when I met them at the Jacksonville airport, but we’d seen each other in the RevGals Facebook Group. After a week sailing (and, if I’m honest, my body still thinks I’m sailing!) the high seas learning about church culture and building friendships you have to see to believe, I am full of joy and hope along with chocolate melting cake.

Which means that when I came home to see these new applicants to our blog ring, I was super excited not to have to wait to introduce them to you! I hope we all become fast friends and see each other in person as well as around the interwebz.

So hop over and offer a warm RGBP welcome to:

Scoop, at Be Thou My Vision, who is “Leslie Scoopmire: Seminarian. Mom. Episcopalian. Teacher. Okie. Christian. Progressive. Reader. Musician. Graduate of the Episcopal School for Ministry of the Diocese of Missouri.”

Kelly Brill who is “tremendously lucky and blessed: to be the Senior Minister of the Avon Lake United Church of Christ, a congregation of lively, caring, faithful and fun people…”a church for people who like to think for themselves”… to be the wife of Doug, the mother of Michael and Anne, the stepmother of Lyndsay, Nick and Brad. A few of my favorite things: coffee, NPR, Scrabble, good conversations over good food, reading, movies, theater, spending time outside in the warm weather, traveling to new places, and anyone or anything that makes me laugh…”

and a strawberry pointe who is “a wife, a mom, a sister, daughter, friend, singer and writer. I work full time and write when I can, parent as gracefully as possible and find endless meaning in my relationships with my family and close friends. Someday I’ll let all of the characters in my head out and write a wonderful novel, for now I write when inspiration knocks. My current publishing credits include: Episcopal Relief & Development Episcopal Diocese of Western Michigan Grand Haven Tribune.”

Do you know a blogger who should be part of this amazing community? Have them email us to join! Are you thinking of starting a blog? It’s a great way to get to know people virtually…and who knows, the people who read may one day become your best friends!

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