Preparing ashes in the vicarage garden.

“Remember you are dust and to dust you shall return.

Repent and believe the Gospel.” 

These words, or words like them, will be spoken in many places around the world as Ash Wednesday arrives in our respective time zones.  Around the RevGals ring, we are writing about Lenten practices, about these words and our mortality, and entering into this season of Prayer, Fasting and Almsgiving in a diversity of ways.

Jan Richardson offers a blessing for Ash Wednesday including these words: did you not know what the Holy One can do with dust?

Mary Luti wonders what we might give up for Lent, suggesting our self and all our striving.  Let God be your holiness, your healing, and your hope.

Cheryl Harader is writing about her personal Lenten practices and how they are shaped in response to her grief after the death of her husband.  So for me, at this time, this practice/commitment is what will help me focus on what I really do need: to stay close to God, not to buy more stuff.

Kimberly Knight describes her queer Ash Wednesday quandary and that while her resolution of the quandary is a little unexpected I am a human filled to the brim with contradictions and paradoxes, broken and beautiful in God’s eyes.

Casey at Faith and Wonder (and the scheduled presenter for the RevGals Big Event in 2017) has a great Biblical storytelling resource for the first Sunday in Lent.   I loved watching the children tell the story of the temptation of Jesus.

Please add links to Ash Wednesday writing and Lent resources in the comments.

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