IMG_5285 There it is right in front of us: Valentine’s Day.  No  matter what our marital status, who we’re dating, how our hearts have been broken or how we’ve been loved in the past, we can not escape this yearly observance.  Hearts, pink packages of candy and commercial after commercial for flowers and engagement rings continuously surround us in the week or two or three before Valentine’s Day.

This doesn’t sit well with many hearts – especially ones that have been broken or who may be freshly grieving.  As a leader in the church, I’ve been wondering how communities of faith can come together to support those with broken hearts (and created a Facebook group for unmarried progressive Christians and friends to discuss topics which concern them).

Whether we are married, single, divorced, separated, widowed, in a relationship or any other marital status, we’ve all gone through some highs and lows when it comes to the state of our hearts.

As we head into Valentine’s Day weekend, here are five questions on which to reflect.  Feel free to post in the comments below or as a prompt on your own blog (and post the link in the comments).

(1.) What is one challenging thing about your current marital status?

(2.) What is your best memory of love?

(3.) What has been your best antidote in healing a broken heart?  (Movies, hobbies, etc.)

(4.) What has been the most meaningful gift from a significant other, family member or friend?  Of course, it doesn’t need to be a material object.

(5.) Name something the church could do to support someone with a broken heart.

May God seal all of the cracks in your heart as you step into new life and new paths.  Amen.


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5 thoughts on “Friday Five – The State of Our Hearts

  1. Friday Play Devotions:
    1. Being a widow, a single widow. Not knowing when, if to share that…cautious and shy about how/when I say something about my status.

    2. So many. Tenderness and acceptance shown to me.

    3. see number #2. But also a listening ear. A circle of gal pals who meet regularly and who invited me to be a part of their fellowship and friendship. Art, coloring, and collage. Reading about recovery from heartbreak.

    4. My children. We went thru a lot to have all our children. My husband and I lost a child and he knew that I wanted deeply to be a mother and believed in me. He helped me to endure IVF three times before we got pregnant…and he mixed the 40+ shots each time and was there thru countless tears and fears. My twins are the blessing of his love.

    5. Listen/show up/hear the rage and hurt and pain when possible/ and offer tenderness and acceptance for the person and their unique journey.

    5a. Don’t assume that the person wants to date again. Don’t assume orientation or outlook or readiness or that you know how to fix it or that you’ve been thru the same. Just don’t assume anything.


    1. This is so beautiful and powerful–thank you for sharing. I had hard pregnancies but easy conceptions so am in awe of what you went through to give life to your precious ones and so glad it is a consoling memory of your beloved.


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