I spent this afternoon working with a group of recently ordained women and men as we considered what authenticity looks like in ministry and how we sustain our good health.  This week a number of RevGals’ blogs are talking about leadership and sustainability.

Lisa Lewis wrote an article about this here on Monday.  If you haven’t already read her article, here’s the link – and you can join conversations in the comments here on the blog, or over in the RevGals Facebook group.  How many of us have our public faces on as we passionately pursue and fulfill the call of God on our lives? How many of us are allowing that public passion to mask the private pain we experience?

Tackling the issues of burn-out and loneliness in the church, Carol Howard Merritt asks us to consider how we support one another in friendship.  Can we go out to lunch with someone once a week? Can we pick a continuing ed event that will nourish our friendships as well as our professions? … Can we learn to dump our work stress on someone other than our spouse? Can we be that person who receives something, rather than the one who is always presiding and providing? Can we be friends?  

April Fiet is writing about women’s leadership in the church and it’s importance.  Taking on an argument about the feminization of church, April argues strongly for the raising up of women’s gifts.  Read more on her blog.

Laura Stephens-Reed suggests a different way for clergy and congregations to frame feedback when doing reviews – click through to read about the idea of ‘feedforward’ rather than ‘feedback’. 

If you have written something about leadership, self-care or sustainability on your blog recently, please add a link in the comments.



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