Friday Five
It’s February (yes- I realise it’s been February for 19 days – indeed that February is more than half way through… bear with me!)
It’s February, and when I started planning my FF a few days ago (when I say planning I mean I thought, oh look it’s week 3, it’ll be my FF this week…)
It’s February, and when I started planning my Friday Five last week, one thing which immediately came to mind was February! Friday! Five! Alliteration! Yeah! (OK – so I am easily pleased!)

my onomatopoeia for this morning!

It’s February, and when I started planning my Friday Five last week, one thing which immediately came to mind was February! Friday! Five! Alliteration! Now what? (yes, this was the extent of my creativity at that point in the week!) This week, I’ve fielding some awkward questions; attended Presbytery Clerks Conference (yes, ‘cos I have so much spare time I agreed to become Depute Clerk for our Presbytery, alongside Ministries Convener etc…) held a couple of outreach planning stuff; edited our parish magazine; driven across the country for the wonderful blessing that was the induction to a new pastoral charge of a dear friend and fellow RevGal; and this morning I will attend Presbytery Business Committee – ugh!
In the wonderful RevGals email this week (if you don’t already get this – get it! It’s really good!) Martha wrote about Lenten practice and how with all of the juggling she already does she couldn’t work out how to add anything meaningful into her life (this is a rubbish summary – she puts it so much more eloquently!) this spoke to me!! Because life. Full. Ugh!

So, long story short, I apologise that this week my FF is not as finely tuned as I’d like. My bad. However, this is what I have for you to consider.
Five things:

1. Lent practice – add in, or take out?
2. Alliteration: favourite tongue twister, or alliterative phrase.
3. Sticking with words – just because I love colouring too – your favourite onomatopoeic word illustrated (self drawn, or googled!)
4. Your week – mad crazy – or did you find space, peace, calm or something else beautiful
5. Photo – I am trying to post a picture a day – sometimes its words over a picture, sometimes just the picture, for my Lent practice – a photo that sums up your week, day, hour, moment….

Play in the comments, or on your own blog, and if you do, don’t forget to post a link so we can share in the fun!

Sunset over the hill beside my village – the calm & beauty I seek.

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6 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. 1. Both! I call mine Pick One Up/Put One Down. I’m picking up studying the names of God in the OT and what they mean. I’m putting down Facebook, which has caused much wailing and gnashing of teeth.
    2. I feel so unimaginative, but — Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers; a peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked. If Peter picked a peck of pickled peppers, where’re the pick of peppers Peter Piper picked?
    3.Bees buzz and hummingbirds hum.
    4.Camping next to a large pasture where lodge three horses I affectionately refer to as The Girls. We munch apples together and talk trash the dogs that bark at night and the donkey that lives next door (although I really think he’s pretty cute).
    5.Technologically illiterate enough to not know how to post a picture without a little camera icon showing me the way. Boo.

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