Sheltering One,

Your love is precious and real,

Your wings cover the world,

and you long to gather all your Creation close to your heart.

You cry for us,

You lament when we turn our backs,

wandering off without a care.

Remind us of your unrelenting love,

your fierce shadow of protection,

the sacrifice of your endless understanding.

Forgive our wayward ways that seem to never end.

Oh Mothering One,

We pray for this world,

all of that which you have given birth, brought forth, and set free.

We pray for the places and peoples

who have been ensnared by power and cunning, greed and dis-ease, selfish desires and all that is unholy.

Help us to discern the roads that we might travel to loosen the bonds that hold so many and so much captive.

Oh Mothering One,

We pray also for the people and places of our own broods,

the stories of those we know who suffer, who are isolated, who are sick and lonely and caught in traps that they can’t escape.

May we join in your lament that calls for their return to your heart.

Help us love them with your sheltering love,

help us bring them to the comfort of your wings,

help them know they aren’t alone.

Oh Sheltering, Mothering, Protecting One,

we pray this in the name of Jesus, our brother, friend, and saviour.


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