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While packing up my mother’s apartment a few months ago following a stroke, I discovered a side to her of which I had been previously unaware. While I wouldn’t go so far as to label it hoarding, she did have an excessive number of certain items among her things. Office supplies ranked at the top.

For today’s Friday Five, share with us what sorts of things you keep in a stash, or are always certain to have on hand. You know, just in case. (Wink)

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28 thoughts on “Friday Five: You can never have too many…

  1. Yikes! As I have retired from one position and am now entering ministry full time … I had been doing a lot of cleaning and sorting. I have discovered that paperclips reproduce themselves, pen have their own recreation pattern, then those highlighters from seminary classes. Then I wonder about those missing socks that don’t seem to make it out of the dryer … perhaps they were transformed into the binder clips.


  2. Office supplies do seem to have a way of multiplying without consent. What’s up with that? Erma Bombeck once wrote that she believed that the missing socks turned into coat hangers. Maybe those coat hangers subdivide and become paper clips! Thanks for playing.

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  3. Thanks to cleaning out my father’s home office, I will never run out of Scotch tape for the balance of my lifetime. I do not hoard this, but I am driven every year by the belief that my success in life will be ensured if I can just find the right calendar/organizer.

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    1. I agree that being organized and maintaining one’s calendar requires good tools. Sounds like you’ve got that under control! And you can never have too much scotch tape. 😉


    1. I think it’s fabulous that you have a stash of essential oils. I would really love to learn more about them and how to use them. One of these days. When there’s some time 😉

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      1. It’s worth seeing if there’s an adult education class about them in your area. A friend and I did such a class many years ago now, and we both thoroughly enjoyed it – only an hour or so a week, a good bit of “me time”.


  4. -What is about office supplies? The pens, clips, and notebooks! Oh, so pretty!
    -And kitchen gadgets…add that to the list…just might need that.
    -Clear glass Candle holders for tea lights etc. I use to use those all the time in the parish and have a hard time parting with them..I might just need them for a retreat some day.
    -recipes…I am going to publish a book titled, “Recipes I Clipped/Saved and Never Tried)…I’m on Volume 5.
    -Christmas ornaments/decorations…I could decorate about 10 trees I think…and all the lovely little snowmen/snowwomen, the stars, the quilted tablecovers, the lovely (and large) angels. In this current house shelving is quite limited so they have sat in a box for 3 years.


    1. We could start “recipe collectors anonymous!” I do try to pull some out now and again to try, but oh, there are so many still to go! Thanks for playing!


      1. I’ve actuallly decided to get rid of most of my cookbooks. I have a ton of them and rarely get them out. I’m going to keep the ones I use most often, and check the rest of them to see if I want to put any recipes into my Pepperplate app, which is where I look first for recipes nowadays. (It has a handy bookmarklet that you can put in your internet browser, so you can automatically add recipes from Allrecipes or wherever else online you might look.)


  5. Pencils. Specifically, Pentel P205 automatic pencils. I probably have two dozen of them at home and in my study.

    Colored pens. I use them for Bible study, proofreading, you name it. I have a set of colored ballpoints at home and at work, and a 24-color set of fine point Sharpies.

    Cat litter. In my house, running out of cat litter would be a Very Bad Thing, so I buy more every time I’m at the store.

    Tupperware. Vintage Tupperware, actually; the newest pieces I have, I think, are from the early 1990s. Those I bought myself from a Tupperware rep I used to know. The rest came from my mom, my two grandmothers, and eBay.

    Music. I really don’t buy CDs anymore; I download music more often. But I also have a cabinet full of vinyl records, and my iTunes library–the CDs I have imported, plus what I’ve downloaded–is huge and spans genres. If it’s not pop country, I probably have some of it. (I don’t have a lot of rap, but I do have a little bit.)


  6. Baking tins! Novelty shaped biscuit/icing cutters, piping nozzles. When I moved I realised I had almost 4 boxes of baking equipment, and 2 saucepans. Sadly all in storage at the moment, so lots of baking to catch up on in the future. But you can never have enough baking equipment and large plastic boxes to put the cakes in afterwards.


  7. If I finish a bottle of shampoo, tube of toothpaste, jar of moisturiser, whatever, I replace it at once, but then have to go and replace the replacement, so I always have a bottle, tube or jar of whatever it is in the cupboard, even if there is an almost full one in use! I also collect styluses and wristwatches….


  8. Thank you to all who played!! You have made my lunch fun – and, oh, could I list my own five….or more…items that seem drawn to me. Blessings!


  9. Only two today, but such overwhelmingly strong ones:

    1. Mugs! mostly ceramic, sometimes china, occasionally glass. I buy the best ones at the swap meet, dollar store, yard sale. After a while it’s time to free cycle or otherwise donate, though I still have two or three dozen faves, some from long long ago. I’d guess I’ve donated, exchanged or otherwise unloaded a couple hundred mugs over the years.

    2. Art supplies and office supplies. Three boxes of 64 count Crayolas, though I’ll admit their renaming some colors and discontinuing other did not set well with me. I don’t buy larger count packs. Then there are all those 70-page notebooks, a few sketchpads, multiplying water-color markers and sharpies with different sizes of tips.


  10. 1) Office supplies. I love binder clips and paper clips. We a lot of this stuff from cleaning out our father’s homes and who can pass up the $1 bin at Staples.
    2) Fabric. (I’m a quilter)
    3) Socks (even though I hardly were socks.
    4) Wrapping paper, mostly Christmas (in 20 years we have never run out.)
    5) Earrings

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  11. Friday Play Devotions:
    1. Origami paper
    2. Books
    3. cards and notepaper for letters, stickers– I love stationary and writing notes…
    4. blank journals– I’ve been using them though; many are from friends in the past.
    5. a stash of empty “blueberry tins” which come with this certain blueberry muffin mix. They are the perfect size for creating something, if I knew what that would be. No sharp edges and something about them makes me want to recycle them in a crafty way. Perhaps a toy tin person, or puppet, or something…


  12. just getting to this as I managed a whole no-computer-day yesterday!
    Stationery is my weakness
    I love nice pens, journals, paper, cards for every occasion (though I never have quite the right one when I want it!)
    I also now have lots of colouring books…
    and beads… I love beads – I make little bracelets, though I’ve never felt bold enough to give one as a gift yet… so, I am also now accumulating bracelets!
    My cipboards are full of things I’ve acquired over the years “just in case”
    One Day…
    yes, one day!


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