IMG_3440 (2)At some point over winter or as spring approaches, we find ourselves sick with a cold, upper respiratory infection, influenza, stomach bug or other ailment.  Even though we wash our hands and take our vitamins, our human bodies will pick up germs somewhere along the way.  Or maybe we have a chronic health condition which flairs up now and again, and a day of self-care is crucial in order to feel back to “normal” quickly.

I’ll be honest – when I’m not feeling well, I want to make sure I have grape Powerade Zero, ibuprofen, a soft throw blanket, old episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and dark chocolate (as long as my stomach is not sick).

For this week’s Friday Five, name five things that make you feel better when you’re sick – from foods to liquids and any other comfort item.


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7 thoughts on “Friday Five: Sick Edition

  1. Saltines and Sprite if my tummy is upset. Books, heating pad, and lots of peace and quiet. (Peace and quiet counts as one item, right?). And though you did not ask, I really prefer to be left alone in my misery. Please do not hover and fuss 🙂


  2. 1. Cream of Wheat for virtually anything
    2. Excedrin for anything beyond a mild brain tickle
    3. Heating pad for arthritis and other stuff that aches
    4. Psalm 51 when I have broken my own heart
    5. Philippians 4:8-9 when someone else has broken mine


  3. 1. Homemade nasal spray (or peppermint oil if it’s a tummy thing)
    2. Thieves spray
    3. Reruns of “When Calls the Heart” (I seriously love that show!)
    4. Snuggling under my prayer shawl a dear friend made for me when I was in seminary
    5. Isaiah 43 when I am feeling overwhelmed


  4. Funny you should ask…
    Friday Play Devotions

    1. Urgent Care which is directly around the corner from me and takes walk-ins… I actually went yesterday.
    2. smoothie (which I make– usually just banana and orange juice and yogurt)
    3. Curl up in fetal position.
    4. talk to myself.
    5. read something– anything–inspirational that helps me to believe that I can keep going.

    Bonus: I make myself do a gratitude list. I don’t like to take meds…but will if the doctor prescribes. I am on anti-biotic because my body decided to freak out under stress. Usually my mind is the last to figure this self-care stuff out…but I am getting better about it.


  5. Flat cola for tummy upsets
    Various cold relief tablets and nasal sprays
    That feeling of relief that you are Officially Ill and can go back to bed with a fresh hot-water bottle
    Orange Juice – and great was my disappointment when I had a really bad throat a few weeks ago and couldn’t even drink orange juice!
    The wonderful feeling when you are better and suddenly want to drink wine and coffee again!


  6. Ginger ale when my tummy is upset.

    Powerade–especially Grape–if that tummy upset threatens me with dehydration. Gatorade is nasty.

    Chicken soup is for all manner of ills. If I have respiratory stuff, I will go with the frozen one with the big fat noodles, if I don’t have any homemade in the freezer. If it’s tummy the Lipton “Noodle Soup with Real Chicken Broth” is what’s called for.

    When I’m sick is the only time I have any interest in raisin bran.

    And, of course, the bed, which is generally full of solicitous feline nursemaids.


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