Holy One,

I just want to get this off my chest.

I did not ask for salvation.

I mean, maybe I would have if I could have. I would like to think that.

But this race  slog through grace for all and loving my neighbor and turning the other cheek- that’s a bit more that I would have agreed to if I’d read the fine print.

Was there fine print on the bottom of the sign nailed above Jesus’s head?

INRI- Embrace hope all ye who enter here… hope for transformation, hope for forgiveness, hope to hold on as the world is taken by storm.

Restore to me the joy of my salvation… which I have in quiet moments with you, but then I step into your world and think… “Um, was the anchorite/anchoress life really that bad?”

Help me. Please, Holy Parent, help me.

I have received from you a gift for which I did not ask, but that You desire for me to have.

A gift that the world has sought, but has not known how to receive.

A blessing that brings transformation and growth, even in pain, with or without our complicity.

Perhaps my prayer is not about the small print or about joy, but about my need for thanksgiving- need for gratitude for the place to which you have brought me, the words that you have put in my mouth, the path that reveals itself in the stepping out.

Restore to me gratefulness for salvation and for the work to which it calls me.





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