Searching for some Soul Sustenance? Here it is – writers pointing us to Life in the midst of our Madness. Take a break, take a deep breath, savor something, and go read some really good RevGal writing: 

This – by Julia. 

“I am not ready to hear the cries of ‘Crucify him’ and to see images from the news in my mind of mobs of people pushing black and brown-skinned individuals with whom they disagree.”

Continuing – by Lynn.

“There had been and would be time for weeping. But as we shared that holy meal, we laughed, loosening death’s fearful grip on us.”

And This – by Becky.

“The stress and fear that I had carried with me from the baptism, to my office, and now to the preschool hallway released so quickly that my entire body could do nothing other than dramatically drop to the floor.”

Choosing – by Diane.

“It seems to me that the choice remains:  what do we hope for?  who do we follow?  what processional are we in?  which king is ours?  Do we even recognize him?”

Refueling – by Deb.

“I realized in a panic that I was cutting it a little too close when I coasted to a stop at the gas pump, just as the engine cut out.”

Proclaiming – by Ramona.

“We do this every year, this journey into death and the grave. We do this because we know Easter is coming. Easter Is Coming!”

Blooming – by Rosa.

“I don’t have nearly as much time as I need for all the gardening I’d like to do… but the bits of time I am given, like this afternoon leave me not just tired, but deeply happy.”


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