It’s Holy Week — holy, sacred, oh-so-busy week in the life of the Church. Sometimes we go “all in” with Holy Week, meditating deeply through each of Jesus’ last days. Sometimes we scramble to be present and mindful in time for Easter sunrise. And sometimes — whether we are immersed in the sacred or scrambled in the daily — we just need a few distractions, so please take time to relax & read these non-Holy-Week-related blogposts from the RevGalBlogPals ring:

~ Pasta Primavera (Skating in the Garden in High Heels under My Alb): a recipe and yummy pic!

~ Principal Little Red Hen Teaches a Lesson (Aileen Goes On): “Who will help me celebrate this child?”

~ Suddenly More Beautiful (Kathy Manis Findley): “We still shine with a light that cannot be extinguished.”

~ What If We Measured Ministry According to Stories? (achurchforstarvingartists): “How do we measure impact?”

~ Sedentary (pulpitshenanigans): “Self care is on the way … Who’s with me?”

~ The Times They Are a-Changin’ (writing as jo(e)): “I don’t know how this election will play out, but the process has given me faith in the next generation.”

~ The Makings of a Functional Team (Laura Stephens-Reed): “There’s a difference between being an allied force with a goal and being a collection of individuals with an assignment.”

~ No Fear (Desert Sojourn): “I am a Child of the Most High called to do my part to bring peace…”

~ Stop Getting Angry about Easter Eggs (LLM Calling): “God was around way before Easter eggs.”

Have a Holy Week distraction to share? Add a link in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “Wednesday Festival: Procrastinations

  1. Thank you Rachel, Holy Distractions are a must this week. When I first read your introduction, I read ‘holy, scared, oh-so-busy’ 🙂 probably because I was scared that I wouldn’t get everything in time for the services we have planned. Blessings to all my revgalblogpals this Holy Weekend.


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