How can we help but pray for women today?

In the simultaneous feast of the Annunciation and the remembering of Holy Friday, we think of Mary- whose mothering of Jesus was rarely without fear. We think of her heart in her throat as she watched her beautiful baby crucified. (For when are they no longer your baby?)

We think of mothers mourning in Brussels, in Ankara, in Yemen, in Jakarta, in Paris. We think of the mothers who are afraid for their children, children have been lured by false promises into a life that is no life. We think of the mothers who are fearful for the bodies those they love- dark brown, tan, and black bodies, especially.

We look to the cross and we do not yet see the depth of love. We see the reality of pain, the pain we know all too well. The pain of mothers and the pain of the motherless… the pain of hoping that this would end differently.

We grieve. We sigh.

And we wait.

Hear us, O God. And in your mercy, answer us.



One thought on “Friday Prayer: Holy Friday

  1. The scene of Mary at the cross is little shared by the faithful.
    In my wife’s book ” Creative Art for Generations” she gives of herself
    to those that follow . On her Facebook is a mural depicting this emotional
    moment painted on the wall of our church.

    Thanks for your focus on this.


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