Holy One
the Monday after Holy Humour Sunday and Foolish Friday and Easter is still with us and life goes on and Spring Break and Spring Holidays (depending which side of the ocean you live) and Sabbath days and working days and flying off to conferences and planning holidays or returning from trips and getting married and planning weddings and meeting folks who are seeking and simply being. Phew! Heck! Life is so full…

Oh!!!!! Wait a minute… isn’t that what you promised? Well, one of the promises – I have come to bring you life in all its fullness. This may not be the fullness you intended.
But still life is so full of life!
And that is something to be so thankful for.
No boring life serving your church, your people – YOU.
No boring life at all
Just a full life
Full of joy
Full of blessing
Full of niggles and frustrations
Full of joy
Full of living!

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