Sometime about now, Rev Gals and Pals remind ourselves that Easter is truly 50 days. There is time to sit a drink a cool class of water, or a hot cup of coffee. There is time to plan the next thing well after the busy-ness of planning All The Things of Holy Week and Easter Day. Grab your beverage of choice and take a deep breath – read some new-to-you Bloggers and relax.

If you do not know Marci’s story, please go read, mark and inwardly digest it before you even begin thinking about the Sundays in May.

“If you are a pastor, I ask you to consider NOT celebrating Mother’s Day (or Father’s Day, for that matter) in worship…Just remember Mother’s Day is not a liturgical holiday.”

Kristin is back from Retreat and reflecting on re-entry into her everyday life.

“The community & freedom we experienced IS God’s reality for us. We go back to the FAKE world, with the task of making it REAL!”

In the season of retirement, Cliff shares 42 years of wisdom and experience, reported by Jan.

“I was trained that this is a lifetime calling.  I feel blessed that it’s worked out for me.” 

Michelle is noting the passage of time and has a request for time.

“life does not come with a snooze button”nVItFZQ

And now I want to go snuggle a goat, thank you Deb!

“There’s a parallel here between the changes we notice in nature, and the ones within us. Changes from the work of God’s Spirit in us. Changes from within our hearts where our attitudes, our dreams, our words are transformed.”

As always, I am blessed to read the ponderings of the Rev Gals and Pals. Happy Easter!

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