IMG_4783I don’t know what April has brought for you…but that whole business of “April showers bring May flowers” better be true (I say blithely, as one without many allergies), because we are having all the April showers–of snow, hail, and serious downpours of rain. And also wind, and the occasional sun. While the temperature in Chicagoland fluctuates between 20 and 70 degrees fahrenheit, I suggest taking some time to let your browser explore a similarly wide variety of new blogging friends!


Welcome to Becky Ramseya children’s minister from “deep in the heart of Dixie” who has lived all over, who blogs multiple times a week, who has an amazing sounding family, and who says “Apart from hanging out with my people, some of my favorite things include listening to kids talk, scouring flea markets for junk to put in my house, and spotting faces in everyday things.  I like crepes with Nutella and banana, crossword puzzles on Sunday afternoons, and the sound of a gurgling creek. I can walk for miles and miles and drink exceedingly hot liquids (which has always impressed my children- hey, you claim your talents where you can!) Writing and making things are my favorite ways to pray.”


Welcome to Tabatha of Brewed Faith, who most recently posted a beautiful reflection on women/girls and beauty, inspired by waiting for her daughter at the dance studio. Tabatha is a Disciples pastor in Missouri, and is “co-editor and contributor of “Still a Mother: journeys through perinatal bereavement” published through Judson Press February 2016. Visit to learn more about her book, other authors, and how to tell your own grief story.”


Last but not least, ring-member Traci Smith has moved to a new blog, so be sure to bookmark the new address!


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