Evening, for some, seems to last too long.
The prayers of your night,
your cries,
your tears,
I hear them go on and on.
I see you, friend.
I feel your weeping.

So on this night, as I lay down to rest,
I pray for your morning.
That you might awaken to a new light.
That you might be caught up in a new hope,
That you will discover yourself singing and dancing with praise, once more.

I pray that you will feel the love of God,
on your skin,
in your heart,
and filling each breath you take-
Healing your hurts and soaking up your tears.
Embracing your worries and unleashing your burdens.
Blazing new hope.
Inspiring new dreams.
And forging new paths.

For mornings do come.
I am sure of this.
And I want so much for yours to be tomorrow.
So on this night,
knowing that you are trapped in the depth’s tight grip,
in an evening that refuses to end,
I will keep praying for you, dear one,
That joy will find you in the morning…


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