We are in the process of purchasing our first house, ever. In the process, we’ve realized how much we don’t know and are ever so grateful for our realtor. We’ve also reflected on what we need and/or want in our new home. Here are the Friday Five questions about your home. Play in the comments or leave a link to your blog.

*Not our new house. Used with permission from rgbstock.com
  1. What is the most important room in your home? What requirements do you have of this room? (Sure, you can answer “bathroom,” but we can stipulate that as a reasonable assumption and you can pick the second most important room).
  2. What is the least important room in your home? The one you use the least, or are not very picky about?
  3. Do you have preferences for your neighborhood? What are they?
  4. If your elementary aged offspring were to choose colors for their rooms, would any color be off limits?
  5. What is your best piece of packing or moving advice?



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16 thoughts on “Friday Five: Houses

  1. We just purchased and moved into a new house and so I’ve been reflecting on these kinds of questions.
    1. The kitchen is our gathering place, it has to be large enough for 2 bums (mine and my husband). And have a place for our company to sit and enjoy a glass of wine as we prepare the meal.
    2. I really don’t care how large or fancy our bedroom is. As my mom would say “are you going to chase each other around the bed?”.
    3. Neighbourhood is important. You can change most rooms of a house, but not the neighbourhood. Mine has to be well treed (I prefer a mature neighbourhood as the trees are usually more established). We have awesome walking trails through green spaces in our neighbourhood. I also like to be walking distance to things like yoga and grocery.
    4. The first house we purchased had fire-engine red walls with tinfoil wallpaper on the ceiling in one of the bedrooms. It took days to peal that stuff of the ceiling and to paint the walls. But really its just paint in the end when the room is painted with your favourite colour no one will know.
    5. I find packing to be a spiritual practice that has helped me to say good-bye to my old place. I like to take my time in order to enjoy the process.


    1. Thank you! I’m LOLing at #2 (and agreeing), and I think I’m very envious of your new neighborhood. Good advice on the painting, and I’m striving to do just as you said with the packing.


  2. 1. Our favorite room is the screened porch. Whenever the weather permits, we’re out there. We sit out there (with the pets), we eat out there. We watch the birds come to the bird feeder, we watch the monarch butterflies feed on the milkweed (and watch their caterpillars grow!), we watch the chameleon lizards who love the warmth of the bricks on the porch steps.
    2. I’d say the least important room is the dining room. We eat most of our meals in the kitchen (when not on the porch). The dining room is “for company,” and we don’t have a lot of company.
    3. Neighborhood preference: we live in a neighborhood where we can walk to a lot of places: several coffee shops, the drugstore, a neighborhood grocery, the library, two universities, a large park. We are also close to public transit which will take us downtown or other places. Yes, we are city dwellers.
    4. When I was five years old, we moved to a new house, and I got to pick out wallpaper for my bedroom. I chose a pattern of sea creatures — coral, anemone, shells — on a black background. I was bitterly disappointed when I saw my new room for the first time and discovered the wallpaper background was pale blue. My mother was wise. Don’t let your children pick out black paint for the walls!
    5. Packing advice: label every box with what’s in it and what room it goes in. Not just “kitchen stuff,” but “toaster oven,” “coffeemaker,” etc. Think about what you’ll need first and what’s most important and make sure that box or boxes is easy to spot. In one of our moves to a new church location, I sang the doxology when I found the box with the kitty litter box and litter box liners! Very important!

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  3. Friday Play Devotions:
    1. The primary living space of our apartment, which is part bedroom, two comfy chairs for sitting and reading, and an area rug where the boys have a play space.
    2. We use every space in the apartment, but I have not been particular about the closet area where the washer/dryer are located…this summer I am going to change the shelves there so that they work harder (more storage).
    3. We are within walking distance of the boys’ daycare…which means that we are perceived as “close by” for potential sitters…and also we can walk there so I get some time with the boys (not driving) and we can talk and walk. We are also close to a grocery store, so we don’t have far to travel and can walk there from time to time. If we ever leave the apt, we will look for a home that has a good elementary school…Which makes a move likely since this area’s elementary school doesn’t have such a good rating.
    4. We rent which makes painting decisions easy (NO). I would let the boys pick one bright color (no black) and they would have to compliment since the twins share a room…
    5. Hire someone to help. I’ve moved many times, doing the moves myself, with the exception of a multi-state move– next time, I am going to make sure that I hire someone to help pack (if I can afford) because even with the moving van, packing and shifting so many boxes when not used to doing so can be damaging.


    1. We are definitely hiring someone to move us, but I’m doing the packing. In fact, my mom is here to help today, and we’re taking a tiny break!


  4. We are in a rental currently and hoping to buy a home soon!
    1) The kitchen is the most important room for us too. Its the place where our girls do homework and where we prepare food, its also the main entry and exit. Our current kitchen is large and shadowy, which I have come to love. I wish it was larger and that we could all eat together, but our little house is so small that at this point we can’t. I know that will be something I will require in a new home. Outdoor space in important too, we spend a lot of time on our patio during the summer. 2) In 900 square feet every space is important to me. It is important that clutter and laundry be contained (an impossible task) and that the house be clean. It is also important that we all have our own space. Our 11 year old likes her bed which is piled with pillows and in the same room with her little sister, who is 7. Their closet is a large strange closet with steps going upward that end at the ceiling, so we’ve created a nook for our 7 year old there. My husband prefers the living room, and my office is in the entry way of our home, a little nook big enough for a desk. 3) I do have preferences, mostly that the neighborhood is walkable and safe for my kids to be outside without me following them around. Also, and this is odd, I know, but my cats go outside when the weather is fine, and so the street can’t be too busy or I’d worry for my boys. 4) I don’t think any color would be off limits. Its only paint, it can be painted again. 🙂 5) Live into and feel the grief that comes with leaving a place that has sheltered you, I feel like it honors the house. It honors the shouts and the giggles and the tears and the quiet nights spent reading on the couch, all of the things the walls have absorbed. Our house was built in 1901 and so I know she has witnessed so much life within her walls. Honor that. And don’t wait to unpack, get it done as quickly as possible. And as you’re packing (and unpacking!) if you haven’t used or worn something in the last month get rid of it!


  5. 1. The kitchen, it seems to be the heart of our home, although our children are grown, the youngest was two when we moved into our house. they all share such good memories of this house. We cook, and entertain, and although there is lots of room, people always seem to gather in the kitchen.
    2. Least important, our living room, but it is the first room people see when coming into our house. We sit it in on Christmas morning, and open presents. It has those memories associated with it.
    3. Neighborhood requirements, good school district.
    4. Our children did choose their colors, black would have been off limits.
    5. Invest is a good tape dispenser for packing tape, well worth the money, and unpack one box per day.
    It will all get done.


  6. 1. Bedroom — unless you count front porches. If front porches count, I’m going with, let’s see — front porch! Laden with comfy wicker furniture, very thick cushions, and a hammock. And lemonade (fresh-squeezed, of course). And maybe a cabana boy. Can pastors have cabana boys? Don’t care. Getting one, anyway.
    2. Living room. I only use the living room for company or sorting out thorny dilemmas.
    3. Space, trees, pretty landscaping, and neighbor’s who like to share fresh cookies and let their children play outside until bedtime.
    4. Not as long as there’s a working door.
    5. Liquor boxes — small, very well insulated, and already partitioned for glassware, cups, vases, etc. Free! Good for not packing 50-pound book boxes of books.


  7. 1. What is the most important room in your home? What requirements do you have of this room? (Sure, you can answer “bathroom,” but we can stipulate that as a reasonable assumption and you can pick the second most important room).

    The kitchen, because I love to cook. I’d require that it be self-cleaning, but that’s not a realistic expectation, I don’t think. Other than that I’d like for it to have plenty of light and a reasonably sensible prep space. Before we remodeled we didn’t have that prep space–the stove was on the opposite wall from ALL the counters. We didn’t gain any counter space in the remodel, but we have a counter next to the stove.

    2. What is the least important room in your home? The one you use the least, or are not very picky about?

    Our house is a 1910 Victorian/Craftsman transitional style. There are two big bedrooms upstairs with big, walk-in closets, and our bedroom also has built-in cabinets to make use of space under eaves that would otherwise be wasted. The third bedroom upstairs is tiny, and because of the way the roof is designed, its closet is deep but not high enough to stand up in. The room is L-shaped, and I don’t think you could put a full-sized bed in it. I suspect it’s more properly a “fainting room,” something that some Victorian houses had at the top of the stairs, where ladies who had “the vapors” could retire and collect themselves. When we first moved here I used that room for an office; all my sewing stuff is in there, but mostly it’s the place where we put stuff when we don’t know what else to do with it, so it’s just a room full o’junk.

    3. Do you have preferences for your neighborhood? What are they?

    I’ve lived in good neighborhoods and bad neighborhoods. They’re pretty much all the same to me, as long as I don’t have to fear for my life. Right now we live in a tiny town, and the whole town is about as big as any neighborhood in the Portland metro are, where we used to live, so neighborhood is sort of moot.

    4. If your elementary aged offspring were to choose colors for their rooms, would any color be off limits?

    I don’t have any offspring, elementary-aged or otherwise. I think I’d rule out anything that would be a nuisance to paint over, but other than that, it’s their room. My room growing up had paneling, so it couldn’t be painted, and I think I might have missed out on something.

    5. What is your best piece of packing or moving advice?

    Someone else mentioned making a list of everything that’s in a box, not just labeling it “Kitchen” or whatever. My biggest piece of advice after that is, once you’ve recorded everything that’s in every box, and the boxes are numbered and labeled, DON’T LOSE the notebook where you’ve put all the lists! (Ask me how I know this is important.)


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