Holy One of the most sacred and Beloved, you are the God of what is real and true, you are the one who came and was declared the Prince of Peace, so I ask you, a question that has been on my mind:

Why do we scream at each other?

It’s a valid question, that another Prince asked, and not so far off. We get tired, we get wearing, but I ask you to renew. Life is fleeting, but here I sit, praying again.

You created us so we would always evolve, you created us so we would create, and we do, music, life, art, dance, worship. Yet, you also created us with the memory, a memory that a piece of art can freeze us in time. Purple Rain was the first song I ever danced with a boy to. Every time I hear it I am transported back to that awkward, wonderful moment.

A hymn is sung in church and people begin to weep. A photograph hangs in my grandmother’s house that I know better than my own reflection. With all this beauty, why then are some things so ugly? Why, then, do we scream at each other? Maybe, we’re just too demanding…

Not all memories are good, I’m sure there’s one or five billion you would like to forget that we have done, we who are here to serve each other, we who are here to proclaim praise, we who scream at each other instead.

Forgive us, be with us, strengthen us. Forever and ever in your praise, Amen.

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