photo by blogger
photo by blogger

I am changing my view this week by changing locations; it’s only temporary for the duration of a retreat, but the shift in geography is significant enough that within moments of arriving I find myself breathing differently, deeper, slower, with more appreciation.

Taking another look, finding a new view of our daily scenery, considering a new perspective — in mind, body and spirit — can be critical for our spiritual renewal and imagination. It’s a regular task of preachers, for example, to take familiar scripture passages and help listeners consider the texts anew. It’s an integral part of child’s play to explore new perspectives & imaginings: to bring a toy to life in one’s hands or to climb the slide like it’s a mountaintop or to study a dandelion like it’s the whole world. And it’s the consequence of faith that our outlooks on the world, on our purpose(s), on our relationships are all shifted through the lens of Love & Grace.

From around the RevGalBlogPals blogging ring, our friends & colleagues are exploring new views and they invite us to do the same:

+ Dianne at Being Ephesus was surprised by moments of grace (and took beautiful photos) at Coventry Cathedral.

+ Milton of Don’t Eat Alone found his view on a leisurely stroll down memory lane, prompted by his phone’s soundtrack. (I can identify at least “Tin Man” and “Return to Pooh Corner”!)

+ Maria of Everyday Thinking is considering the upcoming view change from an apartment to a parsonage, and wondering which furniture will fit where.

+ jo(e) of writing as jo(e) – along with a nude model (fair warning: photos) – have a fabulous adventure exploring new & unusual geography; the joy of exploration overflows in this post!

+ Steven at Messy Jesus Business finds his perspective surprised by scripture, with an important reminder for the ways we use secular & business measures vs. faith-based measures in our ministries.

How’s your view changing these days? Is your spirit finding new perspectives – whether in your daily routines or in a bit of playfulness or in unexpected adventures? Are you feeling challenged these days to change your outlook in ways that feel uncomfortable or uncertain? Share your changing views below with a comment and/or a blog link!

3 thoughts on “Wednesday Festival: Changing Our View

    1. The return to mountains & trees for this retreat will be a welcome change of scenery. The woods are to me what I think the ocean is to some folks — a place of perspective about the vastness of things.


      1. It’s interesting how differently they send the same broad message. The ocean is sort of an “Oh, yes, of course this is God’s doing” place for me, while the desert is more of a “wow, even with these materials God creates wonders!”

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