Dear Friend,

Help, help, help,

that’s what I’ve got right now

I feel like I’m headed over Niagara Falls in a barrel

I might not survive it

and if I do, likely no one will notice it but me.


Help me be okay with that

like Annie Edson Taylor, Queen of the Mist,

who had a plan:

Go over the falls in a barrel, aged 63,

to avoid the poorhouse.

Annie Edson Taylor. Photo from US Library of Congress, in public domain.
Annie Edson Taylor. Photo from US Library of Congress, in public domain.

It didn’t work out well for Annie

though she survived.

But I have hope.

And I have you.

I am grateful.


6 thoughts on “Help

  1. Dear Marybeth,

    I promise other people will notice. In the meantime I will tell you a piece of advice that one dear friend always tells me when things are spinning out of control and it is this
    “there are years that ask questions and years that answer them.”

    It’s okay to feel a little crazy until you have your answers.
    you are a lovely writer and a lovely woman. I look forward to seeing what this journey shows you.

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  2. Me too, without the busy per se, but definitely feels like a year of questions, like emmathedilemmasite says. But I’m glad you’re here, and I always notice, and love you.

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  3. Life sounds precarious to put it mildly. What can anyone say, other than at the bottom of the Niagra Falls are those Everlasting Arms that will hold you safe and stop you from being smashed into smithereens at the bottom. Hang in ! I’m 78 and have been there too … And survived to tell the tale. Anne T

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  4. Sometimes the Niagara River looks dark, almost black with power as it surges toward Niagara Falls. It grabs and carries with it anything that comes close to the edge. There are other days when that same river is brilliant with light, decorated with boats, glistening and even beckoning. The power is the same on either day, but the sensations are like the dark of night and the brilliance of day. I’ve heard that when caught in a powerful tide, the safest thing to do is to relax, streamline your body, and not try to overpower the current. I don’t know what the currents are that feel like they are taking you over the edge, but I do know we’ve all been there, are there, will be there – and I pray that the Holy Spirit will still your body, your mind, your spirit until you can see the very presence of God all, all, all the way around who you are and who you hope to be. Peace and grace…..already yours. Cathy

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  5. Marybeth, I felt so much like this last night after listening to a bit of CNN. (Especially the Niagara Falls part seeing as it is in Canada . . . ). Thanks for putting words to your emotions. It is lovely to have company on days of tumbling darkness. Thank you.


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