It is interesting to mark time in ways that most other do not. We see it often in the liturgical calendar & sometimes feel out of step with the secular world. Today was the last day of my Spring Semester. All the work is done. My College Kids still have two weeks, the High Schoolers have a whole month to go. I am the only one celebrating that ending tonight in my house. 

There were a few other new beginnings, middles, and endings that RevGals have written about this week. Some of us are still saying goodbye to old seasons and others are basking in newer ones. Grab a cuppa your favorite morning brew and read along, leave comments, mark the time in your own way. 

Tara has been Praying on the Prairie and discerning a call to maybe foster or adopt a child.

“Ever since I can remember, I’ve wanted to be a mom. And at almost 38 years old, my biological clock is indeed ticking. But what if God has been calling me to be a mom through foster care or adoption?”

Deb at an Unfinished Symphony has seen a sure sign of a new season.

“there was this…The return of hummingbirds to my feeders.”

Teri has something to say about being in the middle of a project and the journey from beginning to end.

“It will be two more weeks until this Baccalaureate pilgrimage comes to its conclusion.”

Carolyn at Worshipping with Children gets my excitement about the end of the semester – even if I am no longer a child. Yet always a child of God, right?

“The end of the school year is HUGE for children.  It is a marker of their growing up.  When the church recognizes this event, children feel loved and important.  When the church does not notice it, they feel marginalized.”

It seems to me that Marking Time is something communities, such as churches, do well. May we notice those among us and around us who might need us to notice their markers.

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