Posts on social justice and deep relationship scattered around the blog ring this week!

Here’s a fascinating post from Amy, which she describes as “the second in a series of 3 posts that are part of an ongoing conversation at The Riverside Church on how the whole church is called to do the work of justice and building beloved community.”  It could be very helpful for any of us trying to develop a conversation around social justice in our congregation.

In “Beloved,”  pulpitshenanigans tells a “pass it on” story of three women and one ring, a story of when we need and when someone else does.

I was sure that Rosalind would not disappoint, as she marched with God Before Guns on Saturday, and then watched her daughter graduate from college on Sunday.  Her graduation poem is here, and her gun violence post is here.

Rosa has been writing about her dad’s move from Panama to Alabama, from one life to another, and about its impact upon the dreams she and her husband had shared and are adapting. The white house, courage, and green card grace

If you have a post to share, particularly about a life transition or about a passion for the world, please share in the comments!


Rev. Robin Craig is a PC(USA) pastor serving an ELCA congregation in Bay Village, Ohio. She is also a spiritual director, a contributor to There’s a Woman in the Pulpit, and a blogger at Fragments of Grace 2.


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  1. Looks nice, though, doesn’t it?

    I think I’ve fixed the link.

    And here I was so excited that someone was actually reading . . . .


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