Well there, God,

It seems like it is a flat-tire kind of day! Everyone and everything around me is also having flat-tire weird energy kinds of days.  Big picture thinking is out the door and little silo thinking is tooting and skreecking  irritably.   So many inconveniences to maneuver, and lots of bickering about what little things are the most important.

Oy, this is still the work of the kin-dom, too, isn’t it?  To honor the flat-tire moods, to know that there could be giant worlds of mess behind them, to gently invite your spirit to move among and around, and loosen the tightness and let grace to fill the flattened spaces.

Come Holy Spirit, Come. Bless us with your presence and life.



Rev. Karla Miller is the Minister of Community Life at Old North Church (UCC) in Marblehead, MA.  She occasionally blogs at do. love. walk. what more can I say? and loves to contribute to anything RevGals.


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