Candidates for ordination as deacon and priest kneel ready in Holy Trinity Cathedral, Auckland.

In the tradition I’m part of, the days between Pentecost and Trinity Sunday are Ember Days – days when we pray for the Ministry of the Church and Ordinands.  In some places it is also the custom to write a letter to your Bishop, reflecting on ministry.

As I have read around the RevGal Blog ring this week, I am struck by the enormous diversity encompassed in our ministries.  And I am reminded of my own ordination vows. I asked for understanding in studying the Scriptures, the capacity to witness to Christ crucified and risen, and that I would accept the order and discipline of the Church. I vowed to seek the lost and lonely,and asked for imagination and perseverance to be constant in prayer and study.  I asked for strength and humility to live the love of the gospel and vowed to build up the body of Christ by proclaiming the word of God and celebrating sacraments.

Whether our vows were similar or a little different, here are some of the ways people are living into the fullness of their ministry around the ring:

Studying the Scriptures

Wil, taking as her text the opening of Isaiah 6, offers us her Trinity sermon and includes a number of beautiful Trinitarian forumlations.

Witnessing to Christ, crucified and risen

Rebecca Todd Peters writes about being a Christian in North Carolina, a state in the United States where legislation being passed and proposed is counter to Christian faith as Rebecca understands it.

Praying with imagination and perseverance:

Emma helped to transform an outdoor classroom in London into a prayer space which more than 250 children, carers and parents visited in one day!  Click through to read about the experience (and to maybe borrow some of the lovely ideas for prayer stations).

April offers some resources to help us pray about mental illness.

Living the love of the Gospel

Kathryn writes about her ministry at the Cathedral where she serves, and the delightful and unexpected ways the love of the Gospel embraces visitors (the story includes several hundred Jains, do click through to read about their experience together).

Building up the Body of Christ

Julia shares her congregation’s ‘God on the Go’ kits, resourcing her congregation to practice their faith, whatever their summer plans.

And everything else… 

And because we know the liturgical language of ordination vows can’t cover all the ministry possibilities, let’s close with Katherine’s story of changing a tire on a hearse!


Jemma Allen lives in New Zealand where she serves as Priest Associate at All Saints Anglican Church in Howick, Auckland.  She blogs infrequently as she is currently writing a dissertation about contemplative practices and counselling, and has a small private practice where she offers counselling, spiritual direction and ministry supervision.


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