marblehead sunset

Sweet Holy,
We have come to you this sabbath day,
With hope in our hearts
that we might hear a word from you,
glimpse a sliver of grace,
experience the calm of your presence.

Or, at the least,
we might just have a moment
of nothing but a breath,
without having to rush, or think, or do, or even be.
Just a breath in the chaos and clutter of our lives would be a blessing.

We know there is so much heartache in this world.
We grieve with those who sent their children in boats across dangerous seas because that was the only hope.
We rage with those who have suffered violence to their bodies, and the perpetrators are not held as accountable as we feel they should be.
We worry with those who feel helpless and powerless and useless.

O God, we pray, have mercy upon us.
O God, we pray, for your deep mercy of hope. And guidance.
We pray for guidance on how to respond with empowerment and confidence and assurance of all that is holy and right. Move us, shape us, mold us, infuse us with You, for with You anything is possible for justice.

Sweet Holy,
We are grateful for this breath moment.
This silent clarifying nothingness moment.
We drink deeply from it.
Refreshed and renewed,
we are ready….to do justice, to love mercy, and to walk humbly and faithfully with You.


Rev. Karla Miller is a UCC pastor serving as Minister of Community Life at Old North Church in Marblehead, MA, one of the most quaint and lovely places on the North Shore of Boston.  She really loves all kinds of dogs, and longs for a goat and a flock of chickens.  Once in a while she blogs at
do. love. walk. what more can I say?

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