Image from the Vigil ‘Hamilton standing with Orlando’ in Hamilton, New Zealand.

RevGals and Pals are praying and writing about the mass-shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando on Sunday.  It was Latin night at the gay club, in Pride month.  Fifty people are dead.

The Orlando Sentinel has profiles of the 49 people who were shot.

If you are wondering how to preach in the aftermath of this tragedy, our Revised Common Lectionary article has some ideas.

Natalie compiles a list of ‘Songs and Music to Lament Mass Murder‘.

Cindi  writes ’47 years after Stonewall’.  She reminds us, “47 years after Stonewall, it is still an act of courage for some people to be honest about who they are and who they love”.  Cindi was ordained on Sunday afternoon – congratulations Cindi.

Amy writes about what safety ‘On being queer and being safe‘.  Amy was married a week ago.  Congratulations to you Amy, and to your wife.

Martha writes about personal safety, and looking around to check who’s watching: Safe, not safe, never safe.

Samantha, writing from Orlando, calls us to say our prayers and then do something: Orlando

Laura implores: Don’t Shush me

Katy calls us to lament, and to lament specifically: ‘#name the sorrow, mourning for #orlando’.

Amy calls colleagues in ministry to resist a sinful silence: After Orlando, our silence is sin

Michelle asks what Esther might teach those of us who identify as allies: ‘For Such a Time as This’.

Josephine asks about what we are willing to sacrifice at the altar of violence: ‘The Child and the Idol: Choose‘.

Cindy offers a hand to hold in the work for change: No more!

Joanna responds to the tragedy by teaching Vacation Bible School: “This week I have a chance to teach children that faith never means hate; that God created them and loves them just as they are; that every person they meet is worthy of their care and respect; that violence is never a good path.”  Read more at ‘Thoughts on a Tragedy’.

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Jemma Allen lives in New Zealand where she serves as Priest Associate at All Saints Anglican Church in Howick, Auckland.  She blogs infrequently as she is currently writing a dissertation about contemplative practices and counselling, and has a small private practice where she offers counselling, spiritual direction and ministry supervision.


RevGalBlogPals encourages you to share our blog posts via email or social media. We do not grant permission to cut-and-paste prayers and articles without a link back. For permission to use material in paper publications, please email revgalblogpals at gmail dot com.


5 thoughts on “Wednesday Festival: writing about the Pulse shooting in Orlando

  1. Life in its many expressions are important to human existence. The stream of it’s Spirit, links us all. The collective we are called to lament, remember, honor and comfort each other. Today I pray for wisdom to speak, courage to stand for love informed justice, peace and safety for those who appear different and the same as me. I am sorry so many have suffered from this violence. Peace fully, Denise of New Orleans, La.


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