This week I found so many posts about “over and above” leadership roles some of us have taken on. Each has provided, in their reflections, learnings and challenges that can benefit us all. Take a look:

In early June, Ashley was the preacher for weeks 1 & 2 of Montreat High School Youth Conferences. Six hundred kids attended the first week. 1200 the second week. The theme was “Making a Difference” with a sub-theme each day.\

PC(USA) co-moderator Denise leads with hope during the 222nd General Assembly

While PC(USA) co-moderator Jan describes reentry into “life as usual” after leading General Assembly

Amy issues a call for Milennial Clergy to lead the way in solving the gun violence epidemic in our country

Kristin acts – can we lead transformational change through arts and music?

Rachel speaks to Deans of Women in the Church of England on Vulnerability and Resistance

and Christy calls for the church to lead the way in providing critically needed sex education





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