succulent bowl

Sometimes, dear One who is Many and More,
We just need to check out.
You know I have been doing that this morning.  It’s 11 am,
and I am still in my jammies, drinking coffee with the backdoor open,
and all the day to day noises flicker in the background:
Church bells ring the hour,
Somewhere a work truck is beeping that loud reverse sound,
a plane engine dully roars while birds sing and the buzz of traffic from the highway three blocks over provides a muffled bass beat.
My mother’s shitzu snuffles and grunts while he sleeps on the cool of the oak floor.

No, not all is well in my world right now, Many and More dear One.
I mean, yes, the overall picture is blessed, and I am grateful.
But I am bone tired from grief upon grief upon grief, and my eyes are dry and weary from working on loose ends that won’t tie up neatly.
Those whom I love and care for deal with multiple stresses and worries in the core of their living.  I find myself clenching my teeth, and setting my jaw.

So, I just needed to check out, M&M One.
I have read silly online quizzes and inter-webbed-window-shopped for shoes.
I have sipped from the cup of zoning out and staring at sunflowers,
knowing that You understand, and
knowing Your grace covers all, and
knowing that You are so much Many and so much More,

and I can check out within all of who You are and beyond.


Rev. Karla Miller is a UCC pastor serving as Minister of Community Life at Old North Church in Marblehead, MA, one of the most quaint and lovely places on the North Shore of Boston.  She really loves all kinds of dogs, and longs for a goat and a flock of chickens.  Once in a while she blogs at
do. love. walk. what more can I say?

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