Ollie asks me: you know what it says…how about you go do it?

I’m sitting on the patio at Starbucks, it’s 80+ degrees Fahrenheit and 80% humidity. I can’t figure out how to work without having my computer on my lap, but it’s SO HOT when I have it there…

Meanwhile, many of our friends in the Southern hemisphere are freezing, waiting for the sun to come back and the chance to wear something other than wool socks and coats.

And everywhere, we long for the kingdom of God to come rushing in, whether with chilly or humid wind, because the world is in desperate need of saving, our neighbors are dying and our leaders are not helping and and and….

And God asks what we will do?

Part of what we can do is use our voices to speak up, to proclaim good news and to reject bad news. Part of what we can do is use our little corner of the internet to lift up the voices of others. It’s only a small part of our call to participate in God’s great transforming mission, but it’s still a part.

Today, three new blog-ring members who are doing their part to bring words of good news and beauty into a world so often filled with opposing forces. Pop over and say hello, and let’s allow our hospitality to be a sign of God’s new thing bursting forth…and then let’s use our platforms as best we can. 🙂


Cardelia was a ring member long ago, and moved her blog without our noticing. 🙂 She is “a clergymama, with a clergymama! I have three lovely littles and an amazing clergyman husband. I love life in the church, even when I don’t! I knit, crochet, read, write and sew, though none of these as often as I’d like.”

Sue is an author and pastor in New Zealand, where it is the middle of winter…her blog is beautiful and will call out in us the same vulnerability she displays in her writing. Be sure to check it out.

Pat has been part of our RevGal community for so long that the membership committee was surprised to learn she wasn’t a blogging member! Now she’s blogging about being a “Grateful Child of God. Mother, partner, pastor. Lover of Jesus, music, singing, songwriting, film, the ocean, swimming in (almost) any body of water at (almost) any temperature. Favorite gospel: the one I happen to be preaching from. Decidedly left-leaning. Hopefully about engaging in the Big Conversations. Confident the Spirit is moving.”


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