Our family is spending a few days at our nearest beach. With a new place come new sounds. Here are some questions about sound for your consideration. Answer at the RevGalBlogPals blog, in the Facebook group, or on your own blog (be sure and leave a link in the comments. You can just cut and paste the address).

(not my beach). Photo from rgbstock.com
  1. What sound is soothing to you?
  2. What sound do you find irritating?
  3. What sound makes you happy?
  4. What sound immediately gets your attention?
  5. What is your favorite sound to make?



Monica Thompson Smith is a Presbyterian Church (USA) minister, serving as a pulpit supply preacher in South Central Texas. She is a contributor to There’s a Woman in the Pulpit.

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12 thoughts on “Friday Five: Sound

  1. 1) A fan, I can’t sleep without one and was shocked to visit England and have people look at me like I was crazy when I asked for one.
    2) My children whining is VERY irritating to me.
    3) My children laughing together makes my heart sing.
    4) Silence is the sound that gets my attention, with two girls off school for summer silence can only mean one thing, trouble.
    5) A perfect middle C, is my favorite note to sing, as singing is my favorite sound to make.


  2. Sound has more and more meaning. It took a long time to become deaf but now that I am, the implanting of cochlear appliances is a miracle and each sound is a blessing. But also a ton of work. Conversations need to be fully attended to in order to follow what is meant and what is beneath the surface. I love conversation with my family and close friends so I work at them. The only sound I can think of that annoys is the constant “ting” of my phone getting messages or making announcements – so annoying! My favorite sound to make is laughing and I practice it all the time.


    1. Thank you, Catherine! I’ve had a church member (who had not heard any sound for many years) with a cochlear implant, and she loved it. She still read lips to augment what the implant was telling her. Thank you for sharing, and I love the “laughing” answer!


  3. Soothing: Silence. In the constant chatter of tweets, texts,notifications, constant movement, constant noise…when silence comes it is like a balm for my soul.

    Irritating: the notifications of texts and immediately a conversation swerves as it seems those notifications take precedence over everything. In individual conversations (which I can help moderate those…sometimes), in restaurants, in the grocery store, at events.

    Happy: A cat’s purr!

    Gets my Attention: A good ‘ole thunderstorm and lightening show…and I guess the tornado sirens would be included in that as well.

    Favorite sound to make: playing the piano or handbells

    Thanks Monica.


  4. 1. What sound is soothing to you?

    The sound of moving water, whether it’s the ocean or a bubbling creek. At the end of our huge family gathering last week, Mike and I went down and spent two days in a little cabin beside Bear Creek, to relax and listen to the creek.

    2. What sound do you find irritating?

    The timer on my wall oven. It plays an annoying little tune, over and over, until you shut it off.

    3. What sound makes you happy?

    Princess Casey Marie Tater’s endless vocabulary of purrs, trills, whirrs, and general happy sounds. (Casey celebrated her thirteenth birthday yesterday. No, I did not buy her gifts or bake her a cake. She’s a cat. A beloved cat, but a cat nonetheless.)

    4. What sound immediately gets your attention?


    5. What is your favorite sound to make?



    1. Oh, my microwave does what your oven does. It is supremely irritating! And “feedback” is a great answer for #4. Thanks for playing!


  5. Soothing…..lying by the ocean, or second best on a cruise ship, or third best by a lake or river listening to water.

    Irritating….the neighbour across the street water-cutting his porch stones on a Saturday night. (Earned him an irate clergy-type person outside in PJs informing him some people have to get up on Sundays.)

    Happy…..the smiles on my eldest grand-daughter’s face when we do things together. The first grandchild is always a bit special.

    Gets my attention….Classical music….sometimes I actually have to turn it off when driving in the city, because I get into the music. Otoh, I now can do the entire pedal line from the last movement of the Saint-Saens Organ Concerto (thanks to cruise control, and space to work out the pedaling.)

    Favorite sound to make….laughing. Just laughing.


  6. Saturday Play Devotions:
    1. Soothing Sound– the sound of a water fountain that is perched on the kitchen counter and faces out into the living area of my apartment.
    2. Irritating Sound– Whining…or the sound of loud t.v. blaring thru the wall…I don’t like to visit people if they leave the t.v. on while talking…drives me nuts.
    3. Happy Sound– Hearing people truly laugh from their essential self/core, not the “polite laughter” but those raucous belly laughs that are contagious and bring smiles all around…
    4. Attention-getting Sound– Silence (especially with the kiddos around)
    5. Favorite Sound to make–the sound of pen/pencil across paper (writing, coloring, list making, etc)…I always marvel that I am able to do this…to connect thought to paper…intentionally… Some people aren’t able to do this and I am thankful for the gift of this…not to be taken for granted.


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