This is the last Wednesday Festival in July. We are witnessing the distillation process of the political parties in the United States, as well as the waning of summer vacation. A few places that have year-round school have just begun again. In Texas, band members and football players will report for practices starting next week. As we transition into the next part of the political process and transition into the next academic school year, I offer this collection of RGBP blogs:

Laura has run the full gamut of emotions this last week:

“I couldn’t sleep last week. My heart ached and my stomach was in knots.”


Marci has reflected on experience and outsiders:

“If we want more ‘outsiders’ to lead us, I would suggest the way to make that happen is for us all to get more involved in politics and for outsiders to become insiders, with experience.”

Traci has a helpful list of spiritual practices to help us all get through this political season

“If you, like me, are feeling tense and overwhelmed this election season as words and insults and articles are being flung to and fro, I invite you to take a look at one of these 4 spiritual practices.”

Resources for Program Year planning:

  • Gord A book review of A Pastor in Every Pew: “Howe is clear that his vision of this care does not rely on the person who is paid to do it. He is clear that this is a ministry in which many could, should, and need to be involved. It is part of the work of the Church, not the Pastor alone.”
  • And another from Gord concerning worshiping and listening for God in nature: “Sensio Divina is the same basic idea, except instead of a piece of text one uses some sensory input as the focus of meditation and reflection”
  • Carolyn offers “samples of bulletin announcements welcoming children to worship” with encouragement to personalize the statements based on the local community and changed seasonally


Amy Haynie is an Episcopal Priest in the Diocese of Fort Worth, Texas. She has a sermon blog that is now hosting a book club discussion – please come join us!
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