breath windowHoly One,
We crave the presence of your breath.
For its gentleness, that we might feel caressed by your tender mercy.
For its strength, that we might draw upon it to move more deeply into the places you call us.
For its warmth, that we might yield to your embrace.
For its rhythm, that we might be reminded of the steadfastness of your love.
For its boldness, that we may be catalyzed to right action.
For its coolness, that we may find rest for our souls.
For its whisper, that we might open our hearts and minds to listen for your voice.
For its heat, that we may be reminded of the demands of a holy life.
For its gusts, that we may be surprised by what you have in store for us.
For its mystery, that we may be in awe of your astounding reach into our hearts, our lives, our work, and our world.

Internet image: stained glass window, “Breath,” at Church of the Holy Spirit, Lebanon, NJ

Anne Fraley is an Episcopal priest serving Grace Church, Broad Brook, CT.  A dog-lover from prepubescent days, she also dabbles in canine massage. Newly transitioned back to her home state, she is reveling in rediscovering old haunts and exploring new ones. Occasionally she succeeds at reviving her blog at reverent irreverence.

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